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Shark Week is Finally Here!

Shark Week is back everyone! I think we’re going to need a bigger boat, or a
bigger way to celebrate! Although the holiday week arrives a little early this
year, not to worry – Fantasy Toyland has got you covered on all your shark needs. Join in on the 27-year Shark Week tradition with our one-of-a-kind shark costumes!

Shark Week is about raising awareness and respect for our favorite feisty and
beautiful sea creatures. Become part of the longest-running cable T.V. show event by diving into Discovery Channel’s successfully noble mission.  Our adult shark costume and adult shark dress are the perfect outfits to start showing your support of this beneficial cause. They also make for an adorable shark couples costume! The shark mouth cut-outs around your face will make it look like you are really being eaten by those insane pair of jaws!

For a casual alternative, try our shark hoodie, featured on the right. All your friends will be impressed by your shark enthusiasm and by your awesome sweatshirt. Not only is this a cool look, but it will actually keep you warm and snug on those cold days!

Click here to take a look at our shark mascots to show off the fun and friendly side of this wondrous aquatic animal. Feel free to browse through some of our funny, bloody, and baby shark costumes that you can wear on Halloween or on any Shark Week to come!

Patriotic Costumes!

Now that summer has just kicked off, you know what that means – 4th of July is on its way! Celebrate the nation’s birthday with our cool and vast selection of patriotic costumes! What better way to show off some home country pride than by relaxing and partying it up in a cool, red, white and blue outfit?

This Independence Day, dress up in stars and stripes! Impress all your friends with your patriotic spirit while looking absolutely fabulous! Stand out from the crowd and rejoice in our own national holiday.

Try one of our kooky Uncle Sam costumes, like the one pictured on the left.
With this awesome uniform, people won’t just be saying ‘I want you,’ but you’ll hear them say, ‘I want your costume!’ If you just want some quick and easy accessory to throw on for your July 4th fun, our Uncle Sam hat is the perfect choice for you. With this hat, you will enjoy your day in a super adorable and relaxing way!

If you’re a history- nut, then try one of our historical costumes. For putting on (school) plays and re- enactments or for showing your appreciation of United States history, these are the perfect fit! Choose from our diverse array of president, colonial and important historical figure costumes, such as our Betsy Ross dress.

An awesome alternative this year, would be to dress up in one of our patriotic superhero costumes. This way, you’ll have an outfit for our nation’s holiday and a Halloween costume for this October! Dress up as Wonder Woman or Captain America for an outstanding group costume of couples costume idea.

Don’t miss out on all the 4th of July fun this year! Our costumes will make this year’s parade, party, or fireworks show that much more memorable.

Stay Cool with a HOT Pool Float this Summer

Memorial Day is that very much needed, end of the school year holiday that symbolizes that summer is near. Most Americans have this Memorial Day Monday off and with that comes barbecues and pool parties!

Pool parties are an American summer tradition and no pool party worth its salt is complete without some rockstar pool toys for your swimming pool. The days of boring foam pool noodles or ordinary dollar-store inflatable balls are long gone. Now, there are pool floats in just about every shape and size. From giant smiley faces to retro candy boxes, the selection of humorous and unique pool floats is endless. Are you a gamer? You will give a high score to our inflatable Pac-Man floats. More of a trekkie? You can now lounge in the pool in Captain Kirk’s captain chair from the Starship Enterprise.

Unique pool floats are not just to keep the kiddies busy anymore either. A truly great pool float is a conversation piece. Something for the neighbors to ask you about when you are sharing a cold drink by the grill. Nothing gets the block

talking like a giant flamingo float wading in your swimming pool. Recently, Giant Swan pool floats becoming all the rage in the always-trendy Hamptons area was the subject of a story in the Wall Street Journal. Sure, you can put an ordinary inflatable raft in your pool this summer but think about the attention a 6 foot tall Rubber Ducky would get? Lately, the hottest inflatable pool floats have been the ones modeled after food. Remember when your parents told you not to take food into the pool? You can now get back at them with a 4 foot wide Chocolate Donut Pool Float. A pool float so yummy, someone couldn’t help but take a bite! It doesn’t end there. You can now have pizza slices, ice cream sandwiches or a box of Junior Mints floating in your pool! So whether you’re a foodie or a gamer, or you just love being different, take a look at our swimming pool float section. We are guaranteed to have the pool float for you!

Pilgrim Costume for Boys

Halloween may be over for the year, but kids love dressing up in costumes so why limit wearing fun costumes to just one day out of the year? October may have passed, but the fun has only just commenced. Thanksgiving is November 28th, and thus another opportunity to wear cool costumes is on its way. Have your boys dress up in pilgrim costumes as Thanksgiving costumes so that eating food will only be the second best thing about the November holiday!


Pictured on the left is a pilgrim costume for boys, which is just one example of our several pilgrim costumes for kids to choose from! Venture back to the days of colonial America with this historical costume that will transport him and everyone who sees him back in time.

If he prefers blue over black, then we also have a boys pilgrim costume in the color blue! Click here to see it.

Both of these kids historical costumes comes complete with all of the clothes and accessories they need to pull off the pilgrim look!

Colonial costumes for boys  are a great exercise of the imagination. Instead of simply associating Thanksgiving with eating food, wearing any of these historical costumes for kids will let them take part in the history of the day. When kids embody the original English settlers of America, they will get a history lesson in a fun and meaningful way! These pilgrim costumes are colonial costumes for kids who have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season! Check out all of our pilgrim costumes for kids by clicking here.

Super Mario Costumes

Super Mario Halloween costumes are fun costumes for kids to wear! Wearing Super Mario Bros costumes gives children the chance to fuse together the video game world with reality for one fun night of trick or treating. By embodying the Super Mario brothers characters, kids’ imaginations will be in for a real adventure.

Mario and Luigi costumes are the coolest Halloween costumes for boys. These Super Mario brothers costumes are nearly identical with only two distinct differences. While the Mario Halloween costume is red, the Luigi costume is green. Similarly, the kids Mario costume has the letter “M” in the center of the hat, while there is a big “L” on the cap of the kids Luigi costume. Besides that, each of these Mario brothers costumes includes a hat, shirt, overalls, and big mustache which culminates in two cool-looking Mario bros costumes.

Boys aren’t the only ones who can wear Super Mario costumes for kids. Our Super Mario costume ideas extend to girls with the Princess Peach costume. Girls princess costumes are typical for young ones to wear, but wearing the Princess Peach costume for kids is a unique princess costume for girls to wear. This pretty pink gown comes with a jeweled crown that serves as the physical symbol of her newly achieved royal status!

Check out all of our Mario brothers costumes and other video game costumes by clicking here. These video game character costumes for kids let children take part in the arcade fun!

Girl Superhero Costumes

While most of the heroes in comic books are male, in a perfect world there would be a better balance of strong and powerful role models for both boys and girls to look up to of their own gender. Nevertheless, Halloween is all about pretend and having the chance to be something that you could never be in real life. Now girls can take their rightful place in the comic universe by wearing girl superhero costumes! With these superhero costumes for girls, kids won’t simply throw on a mask and cape. Most of these outfits are superhero dresses that let girls look stylish and cute while fighting off the bad guys and saving the day!

To the left is the Thor girl costume that is a fashionable silver and blue dress. Any girl who wears this child Thor costume will instantly become a member of the Avengers! Asgard will be the new home planet of any child who dresses up in this Thor Halloween costume. The little lady wearing this superhero girl costume will get to see what it’s like to be a god for a day. Talk about girl power! She won’t even need Thor’s powerful hammer. Just looking at how fierce and confident she looks in this girl superhero costume will be enough to ward off any enemies she may have to battle.


Who runs the worlds? Girls! And now who protects the world? Girls, too! Whether she wants to dress up in a Batgirl costume, girl Captain America costume or as any other superhero, we’ve got all the best superhero costumes for girls. Check them all out here.


Ninja Turtle Costumes

The storyline of your life is an interesting one. Having been trained by your rat sensei, you have mastered the art of ninjutsu. Along with three other anthropomorphic turtles, who are your partners in fighting crime as well as your best friends, you stop bad guys from carrying out evil deeds. Grossly enough, you live in the sewers in New York City but your pad is pretty tricked out. Whether it be invaders from outer space, evil overlords, or anything in between, you are prepared for anything that comes your way. Your name is something that you have in common with a famous Renaissance painter. If any of this sounds appealing, then wearing one of our teenage mutant ninja turtles costumes is the right choice for you!

Kids Halloween costumes come in various shapes and forms, but what’s particularly neat about these ninja turtles costumes is that they are an awesome combination of turtle costumes and kids superhero costumes! Most comic book superheroes are simply humans (or beings that resemble humans) but wearing boys Halloween costumes is about having the chance to be something that you would never get to be in everyday life. Therefore, kids ninja turtle costumes take the concept of child superhero costumes one step further by allowing you to be a masked reptile with superior crime fighting abilities! Whether Raphael, Donatello, Leonardo, or Michelangelo is your favorite TMNT character, we’ve got the teenage mutant ninja turtle costume for you! Click here to see them all.

Personalized Step Stools

Sometimes we all need a little boost. Even adults sometimes can’t reach what is on the top shelf. Just as grown ups use ladders when they just aren’t tall enough for any given purpose, kids also need an extra step sometimes. Whether they have trouble using the water fountain or have difficulty getting their hand into the cookie jar, a step stool for kids is just what they need. If a personalized step stool is what they get to use, then they won’t at all feel embarrassed for needing the extra help. Kids will be eager to use a child step stool that has their name on it!

 Pictured on the left is just one example of the many personalized step stools that we offer. This particular girls step stool has a princess theme featuring pictures of a castle, wand, and tiara. The little princess in your life will feel like royalty with this personalized kids gift. Other designs include hearts, daisies, and tulips. The child’s name can be printed onto the step stool in either soft pastel or bright primary colors. These stools are great gifts for girls!

Kids step stools are also the perfect personalized gifts for boys. Of course, the designs of the boys step stools are different from those of the girls step stools. Check out the boys step stool with a sports theme. It features pictures of a football, baseball, and basketball. If he prefers to spend his time in the garage with dad instead of watching sports on the couch, then click here to see the step stool for kids that pictures a drill, hammer, and saw!

School Backpacks

Every child needs some way to carry their school supplies back and forth each day. An ordinary bookbag will get the job done like any other kids bag, but you can make going to school something they look forward to each morning because they know they get to use their cool backpack! We’ve got two great options when it comes to kids backpacks.

 The Star Wars backpack on the left turns Yoda into a child’s new back buddy! This kids bookbag is quite unique because it is in the form of a plush toy. Underneath Yoda’s hood is an opening with a zipper that lets kids put their school supplies inside of the book bag. As far as Star Wars backpacks go, this Yoda backpack is the coolest one in the universe that any boy or girl who is a fan of the wise,  green creature will love using!


Another great option for this school year is the personalized backpack for kids. Any child will feel super special to receive this personalized kids gift that won’t simply be tossed into the closet and never seen or heard from again. Instead, this present for children will be used everyday when they go to school or even when they go somewhere on the weekends.  You can choose pink or blue as the color of this personalized backpack. The major decision comes with choosing the right design option. With so many choices, ranging from a ballet theme to a heart and balloon  pattern, you can customize this child book bag to perfectly match their interests and personality!

We’ve got a great variety of kids backpacks. Click here to see them all!

Animal Backpacks

School will be back in session soon and you have a long shopping list for the school year. While it may be tempting to just go to one store, fill up the cart with all of the materials they “need” (most of which they probably won’t even use) and call it a day, you also want to ensure that they like what you get for them. Because it is necessary for them tote all of their books, pencils, crayons and more to school each day, you know that a backpack is the one thing they really do need. Luckily, we have some cute new animal backpacks that will keep your child smiling all school year long!

To the left is an owl backpack that really is a hoot! The top part of the book bag serves as the owl’s head, complete with big wide eyes and a little orange beak. Two blue ears stick out atop this kids bag which matches the zippered front pocket on the bottom of the bag.

There are other great choices so your little one can have the child bookbag that looks just like their favorite animal. Click here to see the frog backpack that smiles right at you and is, as you probably guessed, a fun shade of green! If house pets are what your child prefers, we also have a cat backpack and dog book bag.

These animals will quickly become your child’s new favorite pals! Be sure to check out all of our child backpacks.