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Don’t Let Your Dentist Read This Post – Candy and Cupcake Costumes

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? There’s something super summery about eating a brightly frosted, so-sugary-it-almost-hurts, unbelievably delicious cupcake. Preserve that fleeting feeling with one of our cupcake costumes! There’s a cute cupcake costume with pink tulle frosting, sprinkles, and a cherry hat that comes in a variety of sizes, so adults, children, and toddlers can all dress up as petite cakes! There’s also a sexy cupcake costume for women modeled after the popular (and delicious) chocolate cupcake with a white squiggle of icing on top. Pick your favorite!


Cupcakes may be a perfect summer dessert, though once the seasons begin to change, you’ll start thinking about candy! Fortunately, we’ve got a ton of candy costumes to satisfy every sweet tooth – all you have to do is read on to hear about our selection!


Are you an M&Ms fan? The chocolate candy costumes have been favorites for years, especially as a group costume. We’re pretty sure you know how great the classic M&Ms costumes are, in every color, but have you seen our M&Ms costume dresses? They’re a great new take on an old favorite, made to flatter your figure while you embody the candy.


These candy dresses don’t just come in M&Ms styles though – there are versions for just about every popular candy you can think of! Twix costumes come in both a traditional candy wrapper and new costume dress style, as do Skittles costumes and Starburst costumes. Our Three Musketeers costume dresses come in shiny silver, and are sure to shine on Halloween night.


Our Sugar Babies costumes have a sexy women’s costume version, a candy-wrapper style for the guys, and a Sugar Baby bunting for the little ones. Babies can also be little Tootsie Rolls and Smarties! Who doesn’t want their baby to be a little smarty? If they prefer the Easter confection favorite, the Marshmallow Peep, we’ve got those too, for babies, toddlers, and adults!


If dressing up like your candy of choice isn’t enough, you can get a Candyland costume and explore a whole realm full of it! On Halloween, your imagination’s the limit!

Fourth of July Costumes – So Much More Than Just Uncle Sam (Though he’s Pretty Cool Too!)

Fourth of July Weekend is here at last! Fireworks, barbecues, parades, all celebrating freedom! Show your patriotic pride by wearing a great 4th of July costume to the Independence Day Parade, or even to your backyard barbecue! Every event is more fun when you’re wearing a costume!


When you’re wearing a star-spangled patriotic costume, you’re sure to stand out in your Independence Day Parade! We carry red, white, and blue outfits for boys and girls, and a special sexy costume version for the ladies. For men, there’s always an Uncle Sam costume, and women can get in on the fun with our Aunt Samantha costume (the ladies version of Uncle Sam). There are kids Uncle Sam costumes too, so they can get a head start on playing the part.


If you want to deviate from the norm, why not dress up as Lady Liberty? In a Statue of Liberty costume, you can stand tall as a beacon of hope and inspiration. There are Lady Liberty costumes for girls and women, as well as Statue of Liberty crown and torch sets to accent any outfit.


Maybe you’re more into the barbecuing aspect of July 4th, and plan on spending time with your family grilling burgers and franks in the backyard. Why not wear a hot dog costume to commemorate the occasion? If that’s not your thing, it’s never too early to start thinking about Halloween costumes – who wouldn’t want to remember great times around the grill on chilly Halloween night?


From all of us, happy 4th of July!