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For the 4 F’s to Choose a Great Child Costume!

There are 4 days left until Halloween so it’s only right that I introduce you to the 4 keys to a good night.  Otherwise known as the 4 F’s or the 4 Factors, these tips can insure that your child has a great Halloween.  Follow at least two of these rules and you’re child is in for one heck of a night.  Each tip is helpful, and they all surround our collection of Halloween Costumes!


The first key is Fun!  The sole purpose of Halloween is for children to have fun.  Trick-or-Treating covers some of that, but the costumes are the catalysts.  Funny Costumes are fun to the core!  Money, crayons, games, and roach costumes are just some of the interesting choices.  The Child Chick Magnet Costume is sure to cause gut-busting laughter along with the rest of the collection.  Fun can also be found in the Girl Dress Up Costumes that will make your little girl’s dreams come true.  Kids Celebrity Costumes do the same job and lets them play the role of an entertainer they aspire to be.  Fun is found everywhere!


Fright and Food are the next two F’s.  They’re straightforward.  Frightening decorations and costumes are a staple of Halloween.  Child Scary Costumes have all the classic monsters, ghosts, and horror movie icons.  Michael Myers and Leatherface can now square off to see who’s top dog!  The Food key alludes to driving force for a perfect Halloween for kids: candy.  Food Costumes are fun to look at and even more fun to wear, while Candy Costumes tickle that sweet tooth and directs your child’s urge to go from house to house.


The last F is Fuzz.  Yes, Fuzz!  It’s a wildcard.  If the candy is not flowing, scares are minimal, and fun is dwindling, Fuzz is the last hope.  Have you ever wondered why people like to pet animals?  It’s because they look and feel nice.  A Child Animal Costume will draw attention and spectators.  Tails are fuzzy and fur is fuzzy.  The same goes for the big puffed up skirts and dresses on Child Disney Costumes.  Everything has a purpose!


Keep these 4 Factors in mind and the Halloween Costume you choose will be the right one!

Halloween is Near: 5 Types of Halloween Costumes and 5 Days Left

5 days till Halloween and you still don’t have a costume?  That’s a tragedy, a travesty, and normal.  Last minute decisions are common.  What isn’t common is a last minute bailout.  In honor of the 5-day countdown, here are 5 types of Halloween Costumes you should be on the lookout for!


Halloween has evolved from an all out fright fest to a witch’s brew of sexy, cute, and scary.  Monster High Costumes combine cute and scary to form the ultimate outfit for young girls.  They are the daughters of classic monsters such as Frankenstein and Dracula.  Halloween tradition is well preserved with these girl costumes.  Another option for group costumes are Crayola Crayon Costumes.  Crayon Costumes accommodate all ages and genders.  Different colors offer a varied selection and lessen the stress of coordinating a group costume.  The same goes for Candy Costumes.  From sweets to chocolates, Candy Costumes have enough variation to bring back the joy of a kid walking in a candy shop!


Pun Costumes are geared towards adults.  They are witty, funny, clever, sometimes offensive, and all of the above.  You won’t be considered the missing link when you put on the Big Foot Costume, pregnancy will not be an issue with the Bun in the Oven Costume, and…I think you get the picture!  These costumes straddle that fine line, but the Leg Avenue Costumes cross that line without hesitation.  They’re sexy, seductive, and all leg.  Shorts skirts and tight clothes define this section.  If anything, you’ll be able to catch a cab!


There you go!  These are 5 types of costumes that should stir the pot.  Do yourself a favor and pick up one of these Halloween Costumes.  Time is running out!

Costumes from Fantasy Toyland

Halloween isn’t the only time fun costumes make an appearance – opportunities to dress in costume happen all throughout the year! Costumes are perfect for make-believe, allowing children to use their imaginations to create their own storylines. Dressed in princess costumes, your little girls can create their own fairytale adventures! In Scooby Doo costumes, your children can invent their own storylines, and solve their own mysteries! Wearing fireman costumes or cop costumes, kids can be the heroes they look up to, saving lives and gaining confidence in themselves while they play. Imaginative play develops creativity in children, as well as interpersonal relations and self-assurance – it’s a lot of fun, too!


Costumes also make an appearance at themed conventions. Some well-known ones are Star Trek, comic book, and science-fiction conventions, where attendees dress up in Star Trek costumes, superhero costumes, and other themed outfits. These events give people with shared interests a place to display their dedication to a genre or franchise. Renaissance faire participants often wear medieval costumes, complete with corsets and billowing skirts.


Costumes are also a critical part of theatrical performances. Assuming alternate roles is necessary in the performing arts, and theatre costumes enable the actors to take on personas other than their own, and convince the audience to believe in their new selves. Historical re-enactors don period costume as they act out battles and live life as it was in the past. At sporting events, mascots wear costumes to rally the crowd around their team. Dressing in costume is much more than simply wearing an outfit. It signifies a change in the wearer; a revealing of the self that one typically keeps within them.


Costumes let us live out the fantasies we all hide within us during everyday life. Sexy costumes let us reveal who we are on the inside, the daring confidence and sensuality we hide from the world. Funny costumes capture our senses of humor, love of laughter, and desire to bring smiles to the faces of others. We show our devotion to a movie or TV show by wearing a costume fashioned after its characters. Wearing superhero costumes, we reveal our human desires to save and protect those we love, and in villain costumes, to have the power to do as we wish. Group costumes show the bonds between family, friends, and couples, while political costumes let us wear our feelings on our sleeves.


Descended from a rich tradition that at its core dealt with the very issues of life and death, the act of dressing up in costume for Halloween remains an enjoyable and popular October activity. Today’s Halloween costumes span a great range of themes, a grand departure from the singular sort of guise Scottish youth wore centuries ago. Fantasy Toyland stocks adult costumes, kids costumes, Halloween accessories, spooky decorations, and much more – you’re sure to find the costume perfect for you this Halloween! Whether you’re looking for the newest celebrity costumes, the most seductive sexy costumes, the cutest children’s and baby costumes, or even a banana suit, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at Fantasy Toyland! Transform yourself this Halloween, and have a great time!


Fantasy Toyland wishes you a happy and healthy Halloween! Stay safe!

So Many Choices, So Little Time: Halloween Costumes that Solve a Good Problem

What is Halloween all about?  Not one specific characteristic defines Halloween.  Okay, maybe fear factors into it, but over the years costumes have represented subjects from all over the spectrum: funny, sexy, weird, political.  The list goes on and on.  With that said, there are so many choices to choose from and Halloween is right around the corner and down the block from Elm Street.  Take a second to pick out something that suits you from our collection of Halloween Costumes.


Halloween spirit is instilled at an early age.  Child Costumes should be at the top of the list.  Your child can go scheming for candy in whatever costume they can think of.  Animal Costumes, TV Costumes, Career Costumes, Celebrity Costumes, and more are available options for your child.  Just lean towards their interests, and Halloween should be one of the better nights of their year!


Although the kids always come first, the grown ups rule the nighttime!  Sexy Costumes span the gamut by running from seductive to sexy; not much difference, but there’s no need.  Skirts, stockings, and all different kinds of colorful tops to represent different characters and roles are available.  There is no limit to how sexy a costume can get!  For a society deeply ingrained in pop culture fandom, Movie Costumes are an essential part of Halloween.  Everyone wants to be recognized, and everyone wants to recognize others.  That is more than possible under the guise of an action hero or cartoon character.  You can also stand out for other reasons in a Funny Costume.  A good laugh can change a whole night!


With Halloween quickly approaching, think about what your place is in the grand scheme of the night.  Do you want to have fun and make a lasting impression on everyone you come across?  If yes, check out our collection of Halloween Costumes!

Take Halloween to New Heights with a Nightmare Before Christmas Costume!

Tim Burton’s classic movie The Nightmare Before Christmas dazzled children all across the world.  Along with an astounding fantasy world of holiday characters, the classic movie showed the unique importance that each holiday holds.  Relive this tale of upheaval and downfall with our collection of Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes!


Carve out a bold reputation on Halloween night by dressing up in one of our dark and dapper Jack Skellington Costumes.  Waltz around as Jack, and you’ll be the best-dressed monster around.  There are many versions available.  A deluxe costume comes with a smiling Skellington mask that will light up the darkest of nights, and the plus size costume beefs up Jack’s bones.  For a shocking scare, women can don the Sexy Jack Skellington Costume, and give a new spin to The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Any Jack Skellington costume is a guaranteed classic and will be adored by everyone!


We can’t forget about Sally, Jack’s love interest.  A perfect rag doll look is found with our Sally Costumes.  The rag doll stitching and red hair are the spitting image of the sweet character.  The Sexy Sally Costume livens up her dress patterns and shortens the skirt to provide a sassier appearance that wasn’t shown in the movie.  Group one of these Sally nightmare costumes with a Jack Skellington costume, and create an awesome couples costume!


Jack failed in his attempt to take over Christmas, but that shouldn’t stop you from taking Halloween by storm.  Own the night with a Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween costume!

Create a Body Slamming Halloween Night with a WWE Costume!

Lay the smack down on Halloween!  Be honest.  As a kid you watched wrestling.  Now go a step further and admit that you still watch wrestling.  It’s okay to admit it.  Even though this form of entertainment is mainly for children, one can still dream young.  You can by play-fight with your child.  Body slams onto the sofa won’t hurt anything, except for maybe your bad back.  Or you can go for the easier route: celebrate Halloween by dressing your son up in a WWE Costume!


There’s nothing more mysterious than a masked avenger!  Take advantage of this fact by grabbing a Child Ray Mysterio Costume.  The black and white striped mask and pants will leave a lasting impression at any Halloween shindig.  Your child will be pretending to jump off the top ropes and imitating acrobatic finishing moves as soon as he puts this wrestling costume on.  There are two Ray Mysterio costumes to choose from.  Your son will be flexing his muscle chest for the whole night!


WWE Halloween Costumes can only be done right if Austin 316 is present!  Have your child dress up in a Child Stone Cold Costume and he will be laying out his foes with a stone cold stunner and chugging beers (non-alcoholic of course) to his liver’s content.  A John Cena Costume will do wonders for your son’s confidence.  Hustle, loyalty, and respect will be a heartfelt message on Halloween night!


Sit back and enjoy the show your children put on when they dress in a WWE Costume!

Pack a Potassium Punch with a Banana Costume!

“An apple keeps the doctor away!”  You’ve heard this a million times a kid.  Everyday, your mother surprised you with a crunch granny smith, but once in a while she switched it up.  On that rare day, you were treated to a handful of potassium with a fresh banana.  The peeling, the biting, the disposal; everything about it was just right.  Relive the experience of indulging in that special fruit that might’ve been more fun to play with than eat.  Be brazen this Halloween and take a look at our collection of Banana Costumes!


Banana Costumes are classic, and fun on so many levels.  Adults, toddlers, teens, and children can all be bananas.  Appropriate fits are available for most shapes and sizes.  We even have a Plus Size Banana Costume for the bigger trick-or-treaters.  It’s lightweight and will probably reign supreme over the rest of the fruit costumes.


The Peeled Banana Costumes offer up a different look!  Reveal the top of your banana in this costume that peels down to your torso.  Everyone from babies to adults can enjoy this uncovered look.  For the women, the Banana Hat is the perfect addition to your outfit.  This cute hat will put you in the dancing mood and have you doing the cha-cha in no time.  These Halloween Banana costumes are sure to provide a night of fun!


Represent a food group with a fruit Halloween costume that will stand out above the pack.  Banana Costumes are just what the doctor ordered!