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Conquer Land and Air with a Remote Control Toy!

For some reason, everyone wants to be in control of something.  Whether it’s just human nature or the feeling of helplessness in an unstable world, control equals satisfaction, even for children.  At a young age, everything always seems out of reach or too big.  To balance this out, children love manhandling their toys.  Give them a chance to lead the way with a Remote Control Toy!


If you’re child is a high-flyer, try our RC Flying Vehicles.  They have the choice of flying a blimp, helicopter, or airplane.  Any of these choices will captivate your child’s imagination, and take them to greater heights!


Army RC Toys offer a top-flight battle zone experience!  Each vehicle, whether it’s the helicopter or humvee, puts your children at the helm of a war machine and gives them 360-degree control.  You might have a future general on your hands!  For the kids with a more fantastical imagination, a Flying Clownfish or Flying Shark takes the cake.  Seeing a fish swim through the air will be a highlight of any child’s life.  Flying and driving toys provide hours of fun and excitement!


Toys should always offer children a chance to do something out of the ordinary!  An imagination can only take them so far.  Let you children soar with a Remote Control Toy!

Feel the Rhythm of Life with a Music Toy!

Many toys today only serve one purpose, and that’s to entertain.  While it is necessary for children to be entertained and stay occupied, toys should offer more than that.  Toys should be an avenue of learning and self-discovery.  There’s no better way to reflection than experiencing music.  Expose your children to the rhythm and beats of life with a Musical Toy!


Schoenhut Musical Toys offer a prestigious selection of instruments to get your children stirring!  The Child Harps are heavenly and come in different colors.  Majestic tunes are a pluck of the string away, and will be the perfect gift for your little angel.  Child Guitars provide a great base for your little rock star in the making.  Both of these instruments have tunable strings that offer great sounds.  There are other Schoenhut Musical Instruments such as pianos, drums, and many more.  Inspire your child to reach for greatness!


Everything from Kids Pianos to Toy Drums are great choices!  Desktop Drums and Electronic Drum Sticks are fun for all ages.  It’s never too old to dream!  Another toy of interest is The World’s Biggest Piano Mat.  Kids will have tons of fun stepping and sliding on the large keys that actually produce realistic sounds.  If your child wants to stay behind the boards, the DJ Mix Station let’s them play a multitude of instruments on one keyboard.  These Music Toys are very versatile and give your children an awesome experience!


Inspiration, entertainment, and enjoyment are all side effects of our collection of Musical Toys!  Why not indulge?

Educational Toys that Pack a Punch of Fun!

Double purpose items rule the world!  To be able to do two things at once is necessary to survive in the age of technology where short attention spans run amok.  As a result, fun and learning join forces to provide an efficient experience.  The pinnacle of this combination can be seen in our collection of Educational Toys!


Begin with your children and let them reap the benefits of a Zillionz Talking Cash Register!  A true workforce experience is possible.  Your child can scan barcodes, count money, and talk over the microphone.  Zillionz even has a toy cash register in pink, just in case you want to cater your little girl’s tastes.  This is the perfect developmental toy for children.  Kids toys that demand pretend-play enhance decision-making skills and encourage imagination.  It’s a no-brainer!


Chess is the ultimate thinking game!  Children and adults rack their brains over different strategies and moves to stay a step ahead of their opponent.  Train your brain with one of our Electronic Chess Sets that pits you against many difficulties and challenges.  For an on-the-go game, give the Einstein Touch Screen Chess a try.  There is an abundance of levels and computer challenges to give you a run for your money and train you to be a grandmaster.  Whether you want to play chess by your self or against a friend, we should have a chess set just for you!


Don’t waste your potential with toys that only offer entertainment for a limited amount of time!  Enhance your mind and develop life long skills with an Educational Toy!

Wooden Board Games to Entertain the Family!

Board games are a quintessential household item!  Groups of fun competitors can pass the time with a friendly challenge.  Family and friends can bond in an entertaining and wholesome way on weekends or during holidays.  Board games are great all the time, and you never know when you’ll have to slide them out of the closet.  Be prepared with a classy and durable wooden board game by checking out our collection of Games and Puzzles!


Our Board Games can liven up any household!  You can choose from a variety of games that range from family to strategy to word games.  The Giant Clue Wood Deluxe Edition reposes the question of “Who did it” but now in a traditional wooden design that’s a masterpiece.  These classic board games have will give your children a taste of the old days!  Don’t forget about the trendsetter – Deluxe Monopoly Wood Edition.  Being a real estate mogul is a lucky roll away.  You just have to be strategic like in battle.  To prepare for that, look to the Wooden Chinese Checkers that places you in the middle of war!


Family games need to be done the right way, and the Wood Scrabble Deluxe Classic Edition fits the bill!  This word game has a raised grid that will fit into any home and match the décor.  Test your vocabulary and match it against others.  Scrabble is the perfect challenge; it manages to stimulate the brain and entertain at the same time!


Family night shouldn’t be tied down to one game!  Give yourself more options and go for a traditional board design while you’re at it.  Wooden board games have a special place in any home!

Prepare for Battle with an Air Hunterz Crossbow!

Precision.  Distance.  Power.  These are the three ingredients to create an effective toy weapon.  Water guns are the classic kid’s choice for back and forth fun, but they’re messy.  Nerf guns are always fun, but they lack the edge that defines greatness.  Now a contender steps to the plate!  You be the judge and decide whether our Air Hunterz Toy Bow and Arrows are the cream of the crop!


Our Z Curve Bows are built for long distance attacks!  Kids can now shoot down enemies or targets with these toy crossbows that shoot foam darts up to a 125 feet distance.  Children can take their imaginations back to the times of Cowboys and Indians, except these arrows bounce back and stick to surfaces.  Accuracy is important in battle, and our Z Curve crossbows allow for precise hits.  Kids will have a blast with these toy bows in tow!  Playtime will never be the same!


The ZX Crossbows are the most dynamic projectile toys around!  Compact and colorful, these toy cross bows can deliver direct shots from 45 feet away.  Targets can be hit dead-on due to the Power-Swing technology, and the foam darts have suction cup properties.  These toy weapons deliver top-notch fun for kids and even adults with a youthful spirit!


Childhood is always short lived in retrospect!  Deliver a powerful punch of exciting fun to your kids by equipping them with the best toy bows this side of the west!  Air Hunterz is here to stay!

Own the Speedway with a Toy Race Track!

Dreams of being a racecar driver are usually short lived.  Dangerous collisions and reckless turns are a way of life for professional drivers.  The consequences can deter the bravest young minds, but now the need for speed can be satisfied without worry and in the comfort of your own home with one of our Toy Race Tracks!


Experience a full throttle racing adventure with one of our Carrera Race Track Sets.  These classic racecar sets come fully decked with officially licensed slot cars and easy to set up racetracks.  The tracks feature many loops, turns, curves, banks, and much more to provide a dynamic race between friends.  Carrera offers different themes from Mario Kart to NASCAR and even Police Chase.  Choices are abundant, and fun is inevitable!


Our Life Like Race Track Sets step the racing game up a notch!  These sets are fully loaded with slot cars that represent your favorite racers and sponsors.  The obstacles and risky course designs will surely feed anyone’s speed fix.  Speed controllers are very intuitive and give children a preview of what it’s like to put the pedal to the metal.  An amazing assortment of themes spans the gamut from racecars to police cars.  Toy race sets are amazing simulations!


If you want to give your children a taste of what it’s like to burn rubber in a riveting race full of tumultuous obstacles, transform any room in the house into a full-fledged NASCAR event by setting up one of our Toy Race Tracks!

Bring the Aquarium Home with a Remote Control Flying Fish!

How cool would it be if fish were able to fly?  Close your eyes and sink deep into an imaginary world where fish swim through the air at an underwater pace.  Surround yourself with swarming yet harmless fin flappers, and turn your home into a magical aquarium.  Open your ears and take in the deafening ambiance of aquatic life.  Now open your eyes and make it possible with a Remote Control Flying Shark and Remote Control Flying Clownfish in our Remote Control Toy collection!


Patrol the skies with an Air Swimmers Flying Shark!  The power and fear the Jaws exuded is now at the palm of your hands.  Fill the shark with helium, and then steer its course with an infrared controller that allows for 360-degree control.  You can control its movements from up to 40 feet away.  Scare unsuspecting guests or just sail it around the house.  Endless amounts of fun will be at your fingertips!


If the shark is too intimidating, try the Air Swimmers Flying Clownfish.  You can finally find Nemo in the comfort of your own home.  The bright orange design is vibrant and should pump some life into the home.  Children will adore the flying fish and control its flight for hours.  Once filled with helium, the fish will stay afloat for weeks.  Realistic fish motions bring this toy to life and capture an added touch of realism not seen in many toys for kids.


Open your children’s eyes to the possibilities of their imagination by handing them the reins to a remote controlled flying fish!