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Bring the Aquarium Home with a Remote Control Flying Fish!

How cool would it be if fish were able to fly?  Close your eyes and sink deep into an imaginary world where fish swim through the air at an underwater pace.  Surround yourself with swarming yet harmless fin flappers, and turn your home into a magical aquarium.  Open your ears and take in the deafening ambiance of aquatic life.  Now open your eyes and make it possible with a Remote Control Flying Shark and Remote Control Flying Clownfish in our Remote Control Toy collection!


Patrol the skies with an Air Swimmers Flying Shark!  The power and fear the Jaws exuded is now at the palm of your hands.  Fill the shark with helium, and then steer its course with an infrared controller that allows for 360-degree control.  You can control its movements from up to 40 feet away.  Scare unsuspecting guests or just sail it around the house.  Endless amounts of fun will be at your fingertips!


If the shark is too intimidating, try the Air Swimmers Flying Clownfish.  You can finally find Nemo in the comfort of your own home.  The bright orange design is vibrant and should pump some life into the home.  Children will adore the flying fish and control its flight for hours.  Once filled with helium, the fish will stay afloat for weeks.  Realistic fish motions bring this toy to life and capture an added touch of realism not seen in many toys for kids.


Open your children’s eyes to the possibilities of their imagination by handing them the reins to a remote controlled flying fish!

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