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Own the Speedway with a Toy Race Track!

Dreams of being a racecar driver are usually short lived.  Dangerous collisions and reckless turns are a way of life for professional drivers.  The consequences can deter the bravest young minds, but now the need for speed can be satisfied without worry and in the comfort of your own home with one of our Toy Race Tracks!


Experience a full throttle racing adventure with one of our Carrera Race Track Sets.  These classic racecar sets come fully decked with officially licensed slot cars and easy to set up racetracks.  The tracks feature many loops, turns, curves, banks, and much more to provide a dynamic race between friends.  Carrera offers different themes from Mario Kart to NASCAR and even Police Chase.  Choices are abundant, and fun is inevitable!


Our Life Like Race Track Sets step the racing game up a notch!  These sets are fully loaded with slot cars that represent your favorite racers and sponsors.  The obstacles and risky course designs will surely feed anyone’s speed fix.  Speed controllers are very intuitive and give children a preview of what it’s like to put the pedal to the metal.  An amazing assortment of themes spans the gamut from racecars to police cars.  Toy race sets are amazing simulations!


If you want to give your children a taste of what it’s like to burn rubber in a riveting race full of tumultuous obstacles, transform any room in the house into a full-fledged NASCAR event by setting up one of our Toy Race Tracks!

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