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Prepare for Battle with an Air Hunterz Crossbow!

Precision.  Distance.  Power.  These are the three ingredients to create an effective toy weapon.  Water guns are the classic kid’s choice for back and forth fun, but they’re messy.  Nerf guns are always fun, but they lack the edge that defines greatness.  Now a contender steps to the plate!  You be the judge and decide whether our Air Hunterz Toy Bow and Arrows are the cream of the crop!


Our Z Curve Bows are built for long distance attacks!  Kids can now shoot down enemies or targets with these toy crossbows that shoot foam darts up to a 125 feet distance.  Children can take their imaginations back to the times of Cowboys and Indians, except these arrows bounce back and stick to surfaces.  Accuracy is important in battle, and our Z Curve crossbows allow for precise hits.  Kids will have a blast with these toy bows in tow!  Playtime will never be the same!


The ZX Crossbows are the most dynamic projectile toys around!  Compact and colorful, these toy cross bows can deliver direct shots from 45 feet away.  Targets can be hit dead-on due to the Power-Swing technology, and the foam darts have suction cup properties.  These toy weapons deliver top-notch fun for kids and even adults with a youthful spirit!


Childhood is always short lived in retrospect!  Deliver a powerful punch of exciting fun to your kids by equipping them with the best toy bows this side of the west!  Air Hunterz is here to stay!

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