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Feel the Rhythm of Life with a Music Toy!

Many toys today only serve one purpose, and that’s to entertain.  While it is necessary for children to be entertained and stay occupied, toys should offer more than that.  Toys should be an avenue of learning and self-discovery.  There’s no better way to reflection than experiencing music.  Expose your children to the rhythm and beats of life with a Musical Toy!


Schoenhut Musical Toys offer a prestigious selection of instruments to get your children stirring!  The Child Harps are heavenly and come in different colors.  Majestic tunes are a pluck of the string away, and will be the perfect gift for your little angel.  Child Guitars provide a great base for your little rock star in the making.  Both of these instruments have tunable strings that offer great sounds.  There are other Schoenhut Musical Instruments such as pianos, drums, and many more.  Inspire your child to reach for greatness!


Everything from Kids Pianos to Toy Drums are great choices!  Desktop Drums and Electronic Drum Sticks are fun for all ages.  It’s never too old to dream!  Another toy of interest is The World’s Biggest Piano Mat.  Kids will have tons of fun stepping and sliding on the large keys that actually produce realistic sounds.  If your child wants to stay behind the boards, the DJ Mix Station let’s them play a multitude of instruments on one keyboard.  These Music Toys are very versatile and give your children an awesome experience!


Inspiration, entertainment, and enjoyment are all side effects of our collection of Musical Toys!  Why not indulge?

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