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Kill Leisure Time with an Electronic Handheld Game!

Summertime is too far away!  Long sunny days and warm beautiful nights won’t be here for months.  In the meantime, cold weather regions have to endure the chills of a harsh winter.  Outdoor activities are still possible, but it’s not very appealing when the concrete has a coat of ice and slush.  Thankfully, we have a collection of Electronic Handheld Games that can be played indoors!


Get your daily dose of puzzles with a Handheld Game!  Portable electronic games are synonymous with convenient.  You will no longer need a newspaper to get your daily fill of brain teasers.  Over a thousand different puzzles will be at your hands, and with you wherever you go.  Another periodical mainstay is Sudoku.  This puzzle became a worldwide sensation in 2005, and hasn’t looked back.  Join in the frenzy by equipping yourself with a handheld Sudoku.  Hundreds of puzzles will be ready for you to tackle!


Handheld Chess Game allows you to play the classic game of kings by yourself, anywhere you go, and whenever you choose!  Different levels of opponents are programmed into the handheld games.  Gain the upper hand in chess by practicing with this portable game whenever you have a second to spare.  Chess relies on strategy, but casino games revolve around luck!  Try your hand at Electronic Backgammon!


Fifty years ago, no one would’ve believed that you could carry all of your favorite games in your pocket!  Thankfully, it’s 2012!  You can grab a handheld game to keep those fingers busy!

Channel your Inner Bobby Fischer with one of our Chess Sets!

Always think 5 moves ahead!  This rule applies to almost every facet of life, but it spawns from the game of kings: chess.  Every piece represents a cog of war.  Choose your side to fight for and battle it out in the ultimate game of strategy.  Find out if you are ready for war by checking out our Chess Sets and Accessories!


Our Electronic Chess Sets have everything you need!  Complete games of chess can be played on classic wooden surfaces with exquisite carrying cases for the detailed playing pieces.  Grab a friend or foe, and battle it out!  For the loners, we have electronic chess boards.  Face off against a computer generated opponent that rivals Einstein in critical thinking.  Hours of practice and fun will be at your fingertips!  If a full game set is too much to carry around, the Excalibur Einstein Touch Screen Chess allows you to play on the go, and against different skill levels.  Chess can now be played anywhere!


For the serious chess players, we have Chess Accessories that will complete your set!  Our Solid Wood Chess Pieces are crafted to perfection and inspire the valor and fortitude that keep wars burning.  Chess Clocks keep you on your toes, and puts the pressure on.  How will you perform with the timer running?


Enhance your thought reflexes and strategy skills with an item from our collection of Chess Sets and Accessories!

Teach your Child the Value of Money with our Electronic Toys!

Short attention spans don’t really endear children to the value of money!  At a young age, everything comes and goes without too much worry because the world is new and full of possibilities.  Money is no exception.  To counter this, you should make your child aware of the flow and transferring of money.  Do this by looking at our ATM Banks, Cash Registers, and Coin Banks in our collection of Electronic Toys!


Kid ATM Banks offer a very intuitive and interactive experience that is close enough to the real thing!  Your little one can deposit and withdraw real money.  An ATM card is provided and able to be swiped to access an account.  All of the features that you would find in a real bank are found in these toys.  A similar experience can be found with a Talking Cash Register!  From the calculator, scanner, and microphone down to the handling of money, the life of cashier is accurately replicated with these money toys.


Baseball Coin Banks keeps track of coins on a digital display.  This educational toy is great for children and fans of baseball.  You can choose between a Yankees Cap Bank and a Red Sox Cap Bank.  Financial responsibility needs to be taught at a young age.  Bridge fun with learning by using a cool electronic coin bank!


Educational toys come in all shapes and sizes.  Coin banks and bank toys might be the most vital toys on the market.  Money is involved in almost every facet of society.  Prepare your children for the future with our collection of ATM Banks, Cash Registers, and Coin Banks!


Board Games at their Finest!

Board Games are great for all occasions!  Family night cannot function without the hours of fun these games provide.  Board games are interactive, embarrassing, funny, and everything in between.  Among friends, there is not a better social activity to pass the time, but we have a collection of board games that ups the ante in a different direction.  Now your favorite board games feature a lavish design.  Take a step in a more elegant direction with our Wooden Board Games!


Match your vocabulary against others with the Wooden Scrabble Luxury Edition!  The more syllables the better with this family board game.  Sift through the memory banks and think of big words to achieve high scores.  What separates this game of Scrabble from the others is the classy wooden design that can double as a decoration piece.  Each of our luxury games is held in a walnut veneer case and a two-toned wooden cabinet.  Not only can you play this word game in the lap of luxury, but you can also solve mysteries with the Wooden Clue Luxury Edition!  Detectives don’t necessarily need wealthy trimmings to solve crimes, but it doesn’t hurt!


The Wooden Monopoly Luxury Edition revitalizes a classic game that revolutionized board games!  The plush features of the game board are similar to Clue and Scrabble, but it fits with the theme of Monopoly.  The elegant appearance of the wooden game board drive your quest for success as a real estate mogul.  You won’t have to look far for motivation!


Deck your house out with a Luxury Wooden Board Game and show an appreciation of the finer things in life!

Cook up an Adventure with a Toy Kitchen!

You ever wonder why kids play with their food?  It may not be the terrible twos or the tantrum threes.  Maybe they are showing their culinary creativity.  You could have a chef in the making right under your nose.  See if that hunch is right with a Toy Kitchen!


Educo has a new set of toy kitchens fresh off the stove!  Test your child’s cooking aptitude with a Gourmet Chef Kitchen in either green or white.  Your child can cook on the stove, bake in the oven, and wash the dishes in the sink.  If they just need a place to put the food, an Educo Kitchen and the Toy Refrigerator should do the job.  Educo kitchens are colorful and guaranteed to present hours of fun.  Set it up, and let your kids’ imagination run wild!


Little Colorado Kitchens offer a tradition home cooking feel!  “Traditional” and “old-fashioned” are the best words to describe these brown and white wooden kitchens.  Everything you would need for a full kitchen is at hand: refrigerator, microwave, laundry machine, pantry, and more!  KidKraft Kitchens offer a vibrant setup with all of the standard bells and whistles (or knobs and handles) you would find in a kitchen.  Treat your children to an immersive cooking fantasy!


Pretend play toys emotionally invest children into certain roles.  This provides an immersive level of entertainment.  Gift your kids with a toy kitchen and you won’t be disappointed!

Kids can Run the Household with a Toy Dollhouse!

The torturous part of being a child is the lack of control!  The world is big, and their tiny bodies, along with their minds, haven’t developed yet.  That’s why children cherish toys because they can turn the wheel whichever way they want.  Boost your children’s confidence in handling big projects by giving them their own ToyDollhouse!


An Educo Bamboo Dollhouse puts a whole new world in your child’s hands!  A Furnished Bamboo Dollhouse comes with all of the amenities that fill out a home.  Furniture, shelves, decorations, tables, and other decorations fill up the house.  To transform that house into a home, a happy family of five is included.  On top of that, the house has a cool modern design that will make any interior designer jealous.  If your child already has the ingredients for a home and only needs the house, then go for the unfurnished version.  The same goes for the All Season Dollhouse collection, except the family is not included.  Educo prepares your child with a chic style that’s unmatched!


KidKraft Dollhouse is an awesome gift for a little girl!  These dollhouses have multiple levels and sport cute designs that will look great in any child’s room.  Check out the KidKraft Savannah Dollhouse for some Southern comfort.  Everything she could ever want in a house and more come with these state of the art play homes.  Kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, you name it these dollhouses have it!


Pretend play toys can enhance a child’s imagination to greater heights and give them the self-confidence to succeed sooner than later!  Improve your child’s temperament and allow them to have fun playing with a dollhouse!