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Funny Couples Costumes that Double the Fun!

Aw, Isn’t that sweet!  The couple wants to coordinate their Halloween costume and show up everyone else in attendance.  Matching costumes bode well for a relationship, but make sure you choose the right costumes because a clash of interests can lead to an avalanche.  Strike the biggest hurdle off the list and choose a universal genre: comedy!  Everyone likes to laugh, and you will too once you see our Funny Couples Costumes!


If anyone pulls your card on Halloween night, whip out an Adult Card Costume with your partner!  King of Hearts and Queen of Hearts Costumes are perfect matches.  It may be an arranged marriage, but they are royalty.  For a costume that loosens the mood, go for a stroll through our collection of Salt and Pepper Costumes.  Fiery couples with a combative passion will love the contrast that salt and pepper presents.  Either way, the choice you choose will shake to your own tune!


Drinking Costumes might be the best category for Couples Costume!  Our Beer Costumes come in all shapes and sizes.  Both men and women can dress as beer mugs, glasses, cans, bottles, kegs, and superheroes.  For the hard drinkers, tequila costumes and champagne costumes offer a trip on the wild side, and the selection doesn’t stop there.  Christianity is well represented with the Adam & Eve costume, while the Plug and Socket Costume brings back a modern day flavor.  Funny Costumes can now be shared between couples!


Wear a Funny Couples Costume, and show a sense of humor and respect for the special union you’ve made!

For Guaranteed Beads, Wear a Mardi Gras Costume!

Fat Tuesday is right around the corner!  Gear up for a series of celebrations that will change the way you party.  Mardi Gras is fun, free-spirited, and full of people that want to release stress in the most enjoyable way possible.  Kick the festivities up another couple of notches and turn any party out with a Mardi Gras Costume!


Mardi Gras Costumes are grand and sexy!  Which side will you fall on?  Define elegance with a Mardi Gras Confetti Costume.  It covers more of your body than people are used to at Mardi Gras, but it can work to your favor.  In these elegant party costumes, you’ll stand out and be looked at above everyone else.  Walk tall with your chin up and embrace the dignity that drives your character!  For those in a relationship or just partners in crime, look towards the Mardi Gras Confetti Suit for men and Mardi Gras two-piece outfit for women.  No other couples costume will garner more attention during the raucous celebration.  If the former doesn’t quite fit your tastes, a Sexy Mardi Gras Costume should do the trick!  Beads will definitely be at a premium once you wear this sexy costume!


What separates Mardi Gras from everything else are the party favors and masks!  Many things happen at Mardi Gras.  The Gold Comedy Halloween Mask is a cool face cover that should make you stand out in a packed crowd.  These Mardi Gras masks (among other assets) should help you get as many beads as possible.  However, if the night is slow, use our Party Beads as a backup plan.  Nothing will be able to spoil your night!


Don’t let your celebrations go to waste!  Party through the night with a Mardi Gras Costume!

Kick Playtime into Gear with a Pedal Car!

“Start early!”  That’s the advice many parents receive about raising their children.  From potty training to reading, habits need to be pushed on children at a young age.  Youth is on a child’s side.  They can adapt to different challenges quicker because of their potential capacity.  This age rule shouldn’t be taken lightly; it applies to many things.  Today, driving is a necessary skill, and it’s a skill that can be learned at a young age with our collection of Pedal Cars!


Plant an appreciation for the oldies in your children with a Vintage Pedal Car!  Each of these ride-on cars has a throwback design that pays homage to the old days.  Your child can choose between police cars, roadsters, fire trucks, wagons, and more.  They can play a career role or just cruise around in style.  Your child will be the envy of every kid in the neighborhood.  Each car has a working steering wheel and chrome features.  You’d have to find reasons not to be jealous!


American Retro Pedal Cars will weed out the speed racers of the bunch!  Allow your child to embrace his or her need for speed with a racer that has a classic soapbox design.  No other toy car captures the essence of racing like these toy racers do.  They look real and ride smooth!  Speed Racer, himself, would beg to drive one of these ride-on toys!


NASCAR is not for toddlers, but that doesn’t mean that kids can’t prepare.  Grab a Pedal Car, and let your child experience a unique driving simulation!

Crack a Rib by Way of Laughter with a Funny Toy!

Good times are made great when those moments are funny!  Laughter revs up the soul and keeps it from oozing out of your nose and ears.  The saddest part of it is that grown ups forget about this along life’s road, but kids know it full well.  Allow your children and your inner child to move on instinct and have as much fun as possible with our Funny Toys!


For hours of insane companionship, partner your kid up with an Annoying Monster!  These furry creatures will get on your last nerves.  They belch, fart, sleep, snore, laugh, jump, and may turn your hair gray in the process.  You can’t name another talking toy that will keep kids this busy.  Each monster has a unique design.  Collect the whole gang of frustrating monsters and send them back to Planet Boggus!


There are a variety of fun kids toys that will grab your child’s attention!  Take a look at the Slingshot Screaming Monkey.  You won’t find a more ridiculous toy on the market, and you’d be hard pressed to find a toy more entertaining.  That is until you run into the Animated Mad Cow!  This toy’s hysterical actions will make you go mad, but don’t have a cow because Santa’s pooping out candy all over the place.  Candy dispensers have taken a merry turn!


Explore the depths of your sense of humor with your children!  Our Funny Toys collection should have what you’re looking for!

Get Ready for Superbowl XLVI with our Electronic Football Games!

Superbowl XLVI is almost here!  The bitter feud between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots continue on that frenetic Sunday.  You must prepare any and everyway you can.  Start looking for a lucky rabbit’s foot, go visit a witch doctor, and fix the feng shui in your living room.  If that doesn’t work, there is one hope left.  Play out all of the possible scenarios to try and construct history with an Electronic Football Game!


Feel a different kind of rumble with a game of Vibrating Football!  Control the vibrations to create a competitive and exciting electric football game.  Go head to head against a friend and have a pre-Superbowl showdown to see who’s the top dog.  There’s no better way to get pumped for the game than to bump heads without getting hurt!


College football fans can pre-game for the Superbowl with an Electronic Football Game sporting a Rose Bowl theme!  Play under the bright lights that amp up the college game and enjoy a realistic showdown in a detailed stadium.  These electric stadiums carry the true ambience of the gridiron experience.  Don’t miss out on the deluxe and portable football games, and if you’re a hardcore fan, then the electric football game table is a must have.  Only a true fan can handle the largest electronic football game board around.  Are you fan enough?


NFL and College Football fans can find their salvation with our collection of Electronic Football Games!