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Crack a Rib by Way of Laughter with a Funny Toy!

Good times are made great when those moments are funny!  Laughter revs up the soul and keeps it from oozing out of your nose and ears.  The saddest part of it is that grown ups forget about this along life’s road, but kids know it full well.  Allow your children and your inner child to move on instinct and have as much fun as possible with our Funny Toys!


For hours of insane companionship, partner your kid up with an Annoying Monster!  These furry creatures will get on your last nerves.  They belch, fart, sleep, snore, laugh, jump, and may turn your hair gray in the process.  You can’t name another talking toy that will keep kids this busy.  Each monster has a unique design.  Collect the whole gang of frustrating monsters and send them back to Planet Boggus!


There are a variety of fun kids toys that will grab your child’s attention!  Take a look at the Slingshot Screaming Monkey.  You won’t find a more ridiculous toy on the market, and you’d be hard pressed to find a toy more entertaining.  That is until you run into the Animated Mad Cow!  This toy’s hysterical actions will make you go mad, but don’t have a cow because Santa’s pooping out candy all over the place.  Candy dispensers have taken a merry turn!


Explore the depths of your sense of humor with your children!  Our Funny Toys collection should have what you’re looking for!

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