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Learn about Easter with a Religious Costume!

Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus!  Over the years, the Easter bunny and its basket of colorful eggs have taken over as the face of the holiday.  These are the first images that come to mind when Easter is mentioned.  Fix that trend and remind everyone of Easter’s true purpose with a Religious Costume!


Our Jesus Costumes are beyond belief!  Walk in garbs similar to Jesus, and spread your own kind of truth.  Choose between the different costumes.  A robe, scarf, and tunic will put you into character and maybe even give you the power to turn water into wine.  Easter would not be complete without a religious costume!


Jesus wouldn’t want to celebrate Easter by himself!  Gather a group of friends or family, and sift through the rest of our religious costumes.  Surround Jesus with one of our Mary Religious Costumes.  Dress up as the mother of Jesus and you’ll look just as immaculate as the conception.  Choose your favorite version of Mary and comfort Jesus in his hours of sacrifice!  A slew of religious costumes are available to fill out any play or recreation on Easter.  Priest and Nun Costumes will be a hilarious choice for a group of friends!


Easter has a strong religious foundation!  Explore the purpose of Easter with a Religious Costume!

Easter Gifts Baskets Loaded with Goodies!

Easter is on the horizon!  Every year families celebrate this occasion with decorative baskets full of Easter trinkets like painted eggs, chocolates, and more.  A festive time is in store!  Prepare for this special day with our collection of Easter Gift Baskets!


Our collection of Easter Gift Baskets is amazing!  Pick up an Easter Basket with stuffed bunnies, chocolate, candy, and much more.  The Blooming Bunnies Easter Gift Basket has enough vibrant colors to dazzle any child.  Gather the family, and set up a fun and challenging Easter egg hunt.  Children will enjoy a good hunt for treasure.  Use one of our gift baskets as the incentive and prize!


Variety is the spice of life and we have an assortment of Easter gifts that will catch your eye!  The Ultimate Easter Gift Basket is a gumbo pot of treats.  Everything you would need on this unique day can be found in this basket.  If you’re tired of the same humdrum baskets, try the Happy Easter Gift Pail.  All of the classic Easter amenities can now be had in a bucket.  Kids will love the remixed Easter design!


Easter is a festive time built on a religious foundation!  There are many ways to celebrate the holiday.  Some pray, and others eat with family.  Celebrate the right way with an Easter Gift Basket!

Flip the Script with a Pun Costume!

A pun is a form of word play where a word or phrase has more than one meaning.  When executed perfectly, puns can be funny, creative, and raunchy all at the same time. Costumes present the perfect opportunity to for the humor of puns to be embodied.  Explore the depths of everyone’s sense of humor with a Pun Costume!


Get your day started on the right foot with a Deviled Egg Costume!  Actually, a breakfast of champions with a penchant for the dark side may start you on the wrong foot, but it’s definitely a creative costume.  Food costumes present a slew of catchy puns.  The Totally Baked Potato and Couch Potato Costume are for the more laid people that have their own style of recreation.  The Blow Me Bubblegum and Suck Me Lollipop Costume are not for kids, but they are drop dead hilarious!  Funny costumes with an extra layer of meaning double up on the laughter!


The writing is on the wall and it’s not graffiti!  Sex is on everyone’s mind.  Pun costumes release that urge in a creative way.  The Choking the Chicken Costume signals a different kind of release, and the Morning Wood Costume would be a good pair for it.  Cause and effect relationships offer creative avenues for group costumes.  As for couple’s costumes, it doesn’t get any better than the Brick Layer and Brick House Costume.  There are way too many awesome pun costumes to name!


Join forces with another like-minded deviant or laugh yourself to death with a hilarious Pun Costume!

Think Right with a Vegetable Costume to Eat Right!

Nutrition month is still here!  You can’t run away from your bodily temple.  You have to face head on with a steady dose of dieting and exercise.  Nutrition Month’s 2012 motto is “Get your Plate in Shape!”  To honor their conviction, you should infuse that phrase into all facets of your life from your meals to even Halloween costumes.  Fill out your Halloween plate with a Vegetable Costume!


Potato Costumes keep the theme of vegetables and healthy eating on your mind.  It doesn’t matter if you want to dress up in a Baked Potato Costume or a Couch Potato Costume, either one is fine.  Keep vegetables fresh in your mind so that your plate will be well rounded!  For another shock to your system, try a Carrot Costume on for size.  It looks very appetizing.  Make sure you don’t bite yourself when the Halloween candy starts to run low!


Pea Costumes are a great way to program your children into eating their green vegetables!  Nutrition does not discriminate by age because everyone knows it’s an arduous process convincing kids that vegetables taste good.  Food costumes present a secret trick!  If the vegetable costume is cute and funny, they will love it, and they will be reminded of that feeling when dinnertime comes around.  Pumpkin Costumes are also great Halloween costumes.  Pumpkins are iconic Halloween images.  You might find one outside of every home on Halloween night!


Food Costumes have no comparison in terms of flexibility and variety!  Both boys and girls, alike, enjoy these costumes and they serve as great group costumes.  Narrow that category down to vegetable costumes, and now you have an added health bonus!

Funny Costumes for Kids!

Kids love to laugh at and with each other!  That is a fact, and Halloween will be no different.  Sure, there might be a few scares squeezed in here and there, but for children, the night of fright is an adventure in entertainment.  Listen up for laughs, cries, shouts, and giggles with our Funny Costumes for kids!


Candy Costumes wrap your kids up in their favorite stomach stuffers!  Kids can choose between their favorite brands of candy!  We have M&M’s, Snickers, Skittles, Starburst, Twix, and Gumball Machine Costumes.  Every sweet between the rainbows is in our collection.  Prepare for a sweet tooth overload!  Candy costumes and funny costumes are synonymous, and they make perfect group costumes!


Game Costumes offer children entertainment and a plan b on Halloween!  Dress up in a Tic Tac Toe Costume or a checkers board costume if you’re tired of the same old scare and be scared routine.  Game costumes are hilarious and provide a great outlet from the hustle and bustle of trick-or-treating.  Video Game Costumes fall along the same lines.  Mario, Luigi, and Pac Man are icons in the gaming industry.  Suit up as one of them, but make sure you don’t actually eat a magical mushroom or chase after ghosts!


Halloween costumes should be funny!  This day gives everyone a chance to shed their old and boring skin and live a little more than usual.  Kids already know this.  Just sway them in the right direction with a Child Funny Costume!

Make the Extra Pass in a Group Sports Costume!

Camaraderie and trust are two vital characteristics that every team must have to succeed!  When each member of the collective group carries out their designated function in unison with the rest of the teammates, legend and championship glory follow soon after.  This applies to more than just sports.  Throughout life, you will come across situations that follow this same skeleton.  Even Halloween costumes need some direction at times.  Coordinate victory on Halloween night with a Group Sports Costume!


Testosterone takes the wrong turn in our collection of Sexy Sports Costumes!  Choose your favorite pastime and spice it up with a sexy uniform.  Sexy football costumes trade in the helmet and the pads for a tight skirt and a tight top, while the sexy baseball costumes will have others trying to reach a different 3rd base.  Hard hits to the heart are in store with the sexy boxer costume.  Each category offers a great variety.  You and a group of friends can create a revolutionary football or baseball team.  The same goes for boxing.  Pick a foe and dress accordingly.  Where would the sport be without rivalries?  Group costumes will win you the game!


Basketball Costumes are funny and easy to coordinate!  Dress up as your favorite sports hero Jackie Moon in a Semi Pro Costume, or celebrate a historic team with a Harlem Globetrotters Costume.  Grab a friend and introduce Jackie Moon to a Globetrotter.  Teamwork will be flashy and funny.  Basketball is a game of momentum, and the Globetrotters wouldn’t be as exciting if it wasn’t for the cheers and adulation.  Sexy Cheerleader Costumes should do the trick.  If you ever wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, this is your chance!


Show your team spirit on Halloween by creating a Group Sports Costume!

Catch Spring Fever with a Novelty Toy!

Winter is almost over!  The sun is setting later and later each day, and you’ve probably dropped a layer of clothing already.  Soon enough, snowball fights and ice-skating will be a memory, but you have spring to look forward to!  Get ready for the new season with our Novelty Toys!


Capture an authentic spring or summertime experience with our Butterfly in a Jar Collection!  Choose between yellow, pink, blue, or orange.  A fluttering butterfly of your liking can be in the palm of your hands.  Take away the hassle of finding and catching these beautiful creatures.  If you’re not a fan of butterflies, a firefly can be within your grasp.  The Firefly in a Jar series comes in different colors and produces an amazing visual display.  Choose a bug that makes you happy, and fly away in the serene breezes of the spring!


An open field presents many opportunities!  Create spring warfare with a Marshmallow Shooter.  We have a vast selection of these toy weapons and they come in different designs.  Kids can shoot marshmallows from long distance and eat the ammo if they choose.  It’s safer and more fun than roasting marshmallows over a campfire.  The days of the bow and arrow are dead.  Edible projectiles take a step in the right direction!


There’s a number of Novelty Toys that can provide instant and endless entertainment for kids!  Pry your children’s eyes away from the computer screen and let them get some fresh air.  Outdoor toys are making a comeback so you can enjoy the upcoming good weather!

Never Say Never: You Can’t Go Wrong with a Justin Bieber Wig and Justin Beaver!

Bieber fever is running rampant!  Today is Justin Bieber’s 18th birthday, and teenage girls all across the globe are foaming at the mouth for just one chance to meet the pop sensation.  Up close and personal would be a dream come true, but he’s a very busy young man that won’t be able to meet every adoring fan.  Instead, you can cure Bieber fever by picking up Justin Beaver !

Couldn’t get a ticket to Justin Bieber’s latest concert?  Don’t worry Cuddle Barn has got you covered.  The performance comes to you but in the form of Justin Beaver.  Get a taste of all the vocals, moves, and pure brilliance of the Prince of Pop by picking up this animated plush that’s beyond cute.  Apply pressure to his foot, stand back, and enjoy a show that will be impossible to top.  The hit song, “Baby”, is the song of choice and the beaver has all the right moves to go with it.  Kids, adult, and any fans of the pop superstar will enjoy this musical toy!  Even Kelly Ripa approves of the toy!


If that’s not enough, check out our Justin Bieber Wig!  Kids can prance around as their favorite entertainer and sing their favorite Bieber tracks until they pass out from pure satisfaction.  Add the right clothes, and you’ll create the perfect Justin Bieber Costume for Halloween!  What are you waiting for?


Justin Bieber is here to stay!  Gather everything you can to prove that you are a true fan.  Start off with Justin Beaver and the Justin Bieber wig, and you’ll be on the right track!  Happy birthday Justin!