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Live out your Dream Job with a Career Costume!

Aspirations and dreams begin in childhood.  At a tender age, anything seems possible.  Top-secret missions are just an imagination and a suitcase away.  Kids play cops and robbers, and unbeknownst to them, they’re fantasizing about an adventurous lifestyle that could possibly be a career choice.  Unfortunately, along the way of life’s roundabout road, most of the time, these dreams get shattered.  Rekindle that lost passion or keep your child’s fire alive in a Career Costume!


Astronaut Costumes offer a world of creative opportunities!  Both kids and adults will love the chance to wear an astronaut suit.  Every step will feel like “a giant step for mankind.”  Close your eyes and slip away into a daydream of moon craters and gravity defying jumps.  A shuttle hero costume is pressed with the valor and praise of an actual deep space explorer, but everyone doesn’t want to see that far.  The earth hasn’t been fully explored.  Fly high on Halloween night with a Flight Suit Costume.  Man the airways and look for undiscovered territory, or take a trip around the world.  Anything’s possible!


There’s enough adventure at sea level.  Fight crime in a Police Officer Costume.  Hand out a fair form of justice in a Keystone Cop Costume, Law Enforcer Costume, or SWAT Team Costume.  Eliminate police brutality and sweep the streets clean of any kind of wrongdoing.  If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, a Detective Costume can be set aside.  Rely on your puzzle solving skills to find the big clues, or go deep undercover with a Secret Agent Costume that stresses the word incognito.  Become a foreign spy or simply patrol the streets as a beat cop.  Job Costumes offer a world of opportunity!


Years come and go and dreams follow close behind.  Make up for fantasies tossed to the side by dressing up in a Career Costume!

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