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Fly Through the Air with a Zip Line for Kids!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s your child on a super cool Zip Line for Kids!

It's just as fun as it looks!

We all know how hard it is to get kids to go outside and play these days. From video games to TV shows, there’s no limit to electronic indoor distractions that will keep your little one parked firmly on the couch. How can the beauty of nature compare to an HD movie in 3D? My advice: turn your backyard from “blah” to “a-ha!” with a kids zip line.

Zip lines are the latest trend in awesome Outdoor Toys. The concept is simple. String the sturdy line up between two trees in the backyard or some other support, grab the handles, and zip away! No one can resist the urge to swing through the air on their very own zip line.  It’s a toy that will have all the kids in the neighborhood begging to give it a try.

Not only are they fun, zip lines are also great exercise. They build arm strength and coordination. Your little girl or boy will love swinging through the backyard and you’ll love this healthy alternative to hours in front of a computer or TV screen. Everybody wins!

At Fantasy Toyland, we have three different types of zip lines so you can find one perfect for your budget and needs. Also, you can place the zip line at the height you deem appropriate. As the child ages, move the zip line up the tree for a more daring zipping adventure. We even have a backyard zip line that can hold up to 250 pounds, that way adults can get their zip on too!

Don’t let the warm weather pass without letting your kids (or yourself) have fun on a cool zip line. This amazing toy will be the start of great summer memories you and your children will have forever!

Laugh Out Loud with a Funny Costume!

Picture this. You’re out with your friends at a Halloween costume party. Your friends are all dressed up and you look awesome. You’ve been planning this costume for weeks, from colored shoes to coordinated wig. The lights are flashing, the bass is pounding, when suddenly you spot it. Right in the middle of the dance floor, the center of attention.

A dancing Whoopie Cushion Costume.

Adult Whoopee Cushion Costume

You know you want it.

Your drink falls from your hand, beer spilling across the dance floor. Your mouth drops. This undeniable costume has got you under its spell, like a fart-inspired siren leading you to a pink polyester doom. You know your destiny.

You must party with this whoopie cushion, party until you can party no more.

A Funny Costume has that effect on people. It captures all eyes and cracks smiles around the room. This Halloween is the perfect time to opt for an easy and hilarious funny costume.

If you’re in college, rocking a funny costume is a must. Funny outfits are perfect as college costumes for several reasons. They grab the spotlight and show everyone that you know how to laugh at yourself. People look at someone in a Fruit Costume and say, “Now there’s someone who knows how to have a good time!” Also, many of these Halloween costumes are easy one-piece outfits. Just put it on and head out the door. No muss, no fuss. It doesn’t get better than that. Add in the benefit of looking uniquely absurd and these silly college costumes will make you the life of the party!

Also, as an adult, you shouldn’t miss out on a chance to try an Offensive Costume. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Offensive? Why would I want to offend people?” Because it’s funny. That’s why. A little offense is key to humor. There’s a reason Barney isn’t known as a world-renowned comedian. Besides the fact that he’s a dinosaur. Shocking someone with a costume that’s a bit crass is utterly hilarious and a great conversation starter.

Even if you’re not into offensive humor, a Pun Costume might be right up your alley. English is full of great opportunities for a little punning. Show off your wordplay prowess in a clever pun costume and have everyone laughing.

Halloween is all about being goofy. On this day of all days, why be serious? Save your slacks and dresses for your next business meeting. You should grab all of your friends in a Group Funny Costume or go as a Funny Couples Costume. No matter how you do it, bust out a funny costume and let the fun begin!

Look Irresistible in a Sexy Costume this Halloween!

Sexy costumes for women have gotten a bad rap. Ever since the blockbuster Mean Girls plainly proclaimed that Halloween is just an excuse for girls to dress scantily, people have been seriously hating on this time-honored tradition. “Sexy costumes are inappropriate,” they say. “You should dress like a nun, you dirty heathen,” they say. But you know what? Enough is enough. This Halloween, all ladies should grab a super hot costume and strut their stuff, no matter what the haters say.

Playboy Sexy Cat Costume


Here at Fantasy Toyland, we know that women want to look sexy on the holidays and that’s how we like it. That’s why we’ve got lots of sexy costume ideas that will help them do just that. On the topic of Mean Girls, remember how Regina George and crew all dressed up as animals and looked super cute? We’ve got Sexy Animal Costumes that will help you get a look just as hot. We’ve got classic Sexy Cat Costumes and Bunny Halloween Costumes that will have everyone chasing your tail.

If animals aren’t the look you want, try a Sexy Classic Costume. There are witches, pirates, and nymphs that will make your Halloween outfit just racy enough. There are so many options and you can pick one that perfectly matches your personality. How about a sexy angel costume? It’ll will have everyone saying “Hallelujah!” You’ll look absolutely heavenly.

If you like pop music, you’ll freak over a Lady Gaga Costume or a Katy Perry Costume. Perry’s new movie Katy Perry: Part of Me will make these costumes a hot commodity. You’ll be a hot commodity too if you dress up as the spunky California girl for Halloween.

Sexy costumes, much like funny costumes, are also great college costumes. You’re young and everybody knows you look good so show it off! A high hemline and a pair of heels is sure to grab the attention of that cutie from your English seminar at your next college costume party.

At the end of the day, dressing in a sexy costume isn’t inappropriate. And anyone who thinks so should keep their patriarchal ideas about women’s wholesomeness to themselves.  Sexy costumes are awesome. Ladies, look smoking this Halloween with a sexy adult costume. You go girl.

Relive your Youth with an Adult Costume!

Holidays in general appeal more towards kids.  Children have huge imaginations that haven’t been shut down by life and society.  As a result, a holiday like Halloween is magical in a kid’s eyes.  Along the way, that spark dwindles, but every now and then, a can’t-miss costume party arises.  Prepare for your name to be called by picking up an Adult Costume!

With the economic downturn in full tilt, we introduce our Cheap Costumes!  Both men and women, can save a buck or two, and recapture their childhood glee at the same time.  These costumes range from scary to magical to famous.  Saving money and having fun should not be exclusive!  Make sure you squeeze in a laugh everyday you’re able to breathe.  Our Funny Costumes for Adults include video game costumes, offensive costumes, crayon costumes, and everything in-between.  Comedy is a great starting point for a good time.  Strive for fun with these awesome Halloween costumes!

Women can go for a steamier look on a chilly Halloween night with our Sexy Costumes!  The Sexy Disney Costumes allow you the opportunity to spice up your favorite childhood characters.  Jasmine, Snow White, and Ariel have seductive sides.  It’s your job to reveal them.  Every category has sex appeal: Animal Costumes, Food Costumes, and much more.  Popular culture plays just as big a role on Halloween as the Sexy Costumes.  Find your favorite character in our Movie Costumes and act out a classic.  Horror Movie Costumes are always a great choice for Halloween!

Channel your inner kid with one of our Adult Costumes!

Blast Off with an Astronaut Costume!

Message from mission control: this year, Astronaut Costumes are clear for take off. Looking up into the night sky, the beauty of the universe is as grand as it is mysterious. Are we alone, a tiny ball of rock drifting solitary through an infinite vastness? What lies beyond what we can see? Answering questions like these requires bravery, scientific intellect, and, most importantly, a good space suit. This Halloween, enter the world of those who cruise the endless blackness above without fear, the world of the astronauts.

Roger. Cuteness has landed.

The appeal of dressing up in these otherworldly getups is undeniable. Astronauts represent a combination of brains and strength of character not seen in most other careers. This makes them a common dream job among children. Encourage your child to explore unknown horizons and reach for the stars by getting them one of these Toddler Astronaut Costumes or Child Astronaut Costumes. Not only will they get to live out their fantasies of battling aliens and floating free from the restraints of gravity, they’ll look absolutely precious while doing it. These kids astronaut costumes will have them ready for NASA in no time.

But astronaut costumes aren’t just for kids. You too can show off your scientific side in one of these Adult Astronaut Costumes. If you’re the type of person who regularly tunes into the Discovery Channel or if you just like the idea of kicking some alien tail, these costumes will make you look like a bonafide space cowboy. Astronaut costumes can also be useful if you want to dress up like a specific astronaut from history like Mae Jemison, the first African-American female in space, or Neil Armstrong, commander of the first lunar mission. If you’re a science teacher, you can get your students excited about the space unit by showing up dressed as a real space explorer in this Adult Astronaut Suit. Whether using it to teach or just having some fun, an astronaut costume is an excellent choice.

This Halloween, boldly go where no trick-or-treater has gone before in one of these exciting outfits. Space represents the last truly undiscovered terrain, the last place that to us remains dangerous and impossible to conquer. Because of space’s infinite span, space exploration is the ultimate adventure. In one of these awesome astronaut costumes, you can celebrate that adventure and make one of your own.

Novelty Toys that Astound!

Fireflies in the night sky are trademarks of summer.  Signed off and copyrighted by Mother Nature, these magical flies open up a world of fantasy to children.  Magic comes to their minds when a bug glows in the palm of their hands, and they want to possess it for themselves.  Trap that magic with some of our Novelty Toys!


Our Firefly in a Jar Collection cuts out the chase and puts on a show!  Kids will no longer have to stalk the summer breeze hoping to catch a lightning bug.  The firefly jar holds a dazzling display.  Everyone will be in awe of the fluttering firefly, and the way it lights up and glimmers.  Capture a firefly with pink, blue, or green lights.  Experience the beauty of summer in the palm of your hands with this novelty toy!


Fireflies rule under the moonlight, but during the day butterflies are unmatched in beauty!  Our Butterfly in a Jar Collection catches the beauty of nature in a jar.  The butterfly’s movements are realistic and can be altered by tapping on the exterior.  A butterfly jar is the perfect gift to prepare for summer!


A good children’s gift will uplift their imaginations to astronomical heights.  Check out our collection of butterfly and firefly jars, and give your little one a magical experience!

Cast A Spell with A Wizard Costume!

Ever fantasize about magic? About mages and wizards, unicorns and pixies? Every child has dreamed of one day having magic, of celebrating their 300th birthday with their long white beards touching the floor and their pet dragons by their side. With a Wizard Costume, you’ll get the chance to live out that childhood fantasy or help your own child fulfill that dream! Whether for Halloween, role-playing or playing pretend with your kid, these wizard costumes are a great chance to rekindle that love for magic in your heart.

Choose the side of the Light, and embrace compassion and friendship as a White Wizard.  Gather your friends together to reenact an epic journey with our Lord of the Rings Costumes, or stage an epic battle with a Wizards and Warrior Costumes. If you choose the dark side of magic, huddle over a cauldron with your fellow sorceresses and conjure up some dark potions in Witch Costumes.  No matter what age, kids and adults alike will enjoy these fun mythical costumes and no child will want to take off these wizard robes. Especially with these prices, having fun and reenacting a lifelong fantasy has never been easier. The only tough decision is whether you practice dark or light magic!

So get out there, capture a dragon, turn the neighbor (the one that’s always uses his leaf-blower at 7pm during your favorite show) into a toad, or brew up a malicious potion to kill all those pesky weeds in your yard. Whatever the case, if it’s done in a Wizard Costume, it’s bound to be a magical experience!