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Fireflies in the night sky are trademarks of summer.  Signed off and copyrighted by Mother Nature, these magical flies open up a world of fantasy to children.  Magic comes to their minds when a bug glows in the palm of their hands, and they want to possess it for themselves.  Trap that magic with some of our Novelty Toys!


Our Firefly in a Jar Collection cuts out the chase and puts on a show!  Kids will no longer have to stalk the summer breeze hoping to catch a lightning bug.  The firefly jar holds a dazzling display.  Everyone will be in awe of the fluttering firefly, and the way it lights up and glimmers.  Capture a firefly with pink, blue, or green lights.  Experience the beauty of summer in the palm of your hands with this novelty toy!


Fireflies rule under the moonlight, but during the day butterflies are unmatched in beauty!  Our Butterfly in a Jar Collection catches the beauty of nature in a jar.  The butterfly’s movements are realistic and can be altered by tapping on the exterior.  A butterfly jar is the perfect gift to prepare for summer!


A good children’s gift will uplift their imaginations to astronomical heights.  Check out our collection of butterfly and firefly jars, and give your little one a magical experience!

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