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Blast Off with an Astronaut Costume!

Message from mission control: this year, Astronaut Costumes are clear for take off. Looking up into the night sky, the beauty of the universe is as grand as it is mysterious. Are we alone, a tiny ball of rock drifting solitary through an infinite vastness? What lies beyond what we can see? Answering questions like these requires bravery, scientific intellect, and, most importantly, a good space suit. This Halloween, enter the world of those who cruise the endless blackness above without fear, the world of the astronauts.

Roger. Cuteness has landed.

The appeal of dressing up in these otherworldly getups is undeniable. Astronauts represent a combination of brains and strength of character not seen in most other careers. This makes them a common dream job among children. Encourage your child to explore unknown horizons and reach for the stars by getting them one of these Toddler Astronaut Costumes or Child Astronaut Costumes. Not only will they get to live out their fantasies of battling aliens and floating free from the restraints of gravity, they’ll look absolutely precious while doing it. These kids astronaut costumes will have them ready for NASA in no time.

But astronaut costumes aren’t just for kids. You too can show off your scientific side in one of these Adult Astronaut Costumes. If you’re the type of person who regularly tunes into the Discovery Channel or if you just like the idea of kicking some alien tail, these costumes will make you look like a bonafide space cowboy. Astronaut costumes can also be useful if you want to dress up like a specific astronaut from history like Mae Jemison, the first African-American female in space, or Neil Armstrong, commander of the first lunar mission. If you’re a science teacher, you can get your students excited about the space unit by showing up dressed as a real space explorer in this Adult Astronaut Suit. Whether using it to teach or just having some fun, an astronaut costume is an excellent choice.

This Halloween, boldly go where no trick-or-treater has gone before in one of these exciting outfits. Space represents the last truly undiscovered terrain, the last place that to us remains dangerous and impossible to conquer. Because of space’s infinite span, space exploration is the ultimate adventure. In one of these awesome astronaut costumes, you can celebrate that adventure and make one of your own.

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