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Beat Boredom with a Board Game!

With these awesome Board Games, you and all your friends or family can have a great time together!

Board games are a classic way to bring people from all walks of life around the table to yell at each other over plastic game pieces. Show your best friends that you’re “the brains” of this operation when you beat them in a challenging Strategy Game. Tell your grandma how you really feel about the fact that she’s always the Banker when you play Monopoly. Argue about obscure details from Bourne Identity with “Scene It,” a game perfect for movie buffs. No matter your area of expertise, the options for victory are limitless when you chose a board game.

Usually, I like any game that combines three of my favorite things: words, words,  and words. Our awesome Word Games will have any vocab maven, like myself, salivating.  I recently ranted about my love for Scrabble games on Tumblr. I won’t get into the details, but let’s just say it has a special place in my heart. If you haven’t known the joy of getting a triple word score, you haven’t yet lived.

But not everyone read the dictionary as a youngster. For some fun that’s a little less brain intensive, try a Novelty Game or a Party Board Game. These games focus less on definitions, and more on subtle clues, secret alliances, and luck. The Party Board games are designed to cue laughs and make awesome party memories that will never be forgotten.

So pick your board game poison. You’ll get hooked. And, unlike most addictions, this one won’t tear your family apart and alienate friends. In fact, it will do the exact opposite.

Show Your Pride with a Patriotic Costume!

Oh, America. With your spacious skies and amber waves of grain. Your purple mountain majesties and McDonald apple pies at two for a dollar. You truly are a glorious nation.

I’m sure Fourth of July just reminded you of all the good ‘ol fashion Americana that makes America so…America. At your next holiday celebration, celebrate all this nation stands for with a spirited Patriotic Costume!

Patriotic Man Costume

Is that an American flag fringe vest with matching pants? You bet your Constitution it is!

So what is it that gives America that juicy sweet flavor that people around the world instantly recognize and seem to love or hate?

It really comes down to pride. Americans are loud, proud, and unashamed. We wear our flags on everything. Towels. Collectible plates. Underwear. And we love our national landmarks like Lady Liberty and symbols like Uncle Sam.

That is precisely why you, proud citizen, should don one of our Uncle Sam Costumes or Lady Liberty Costumes. These classic outfits will tell everyone that you support the land of the free and the home of the brave. They’re a colorful way to send a positive message on Halloween.

There’s something else America has though that inspires both ire and admiration from other nations. And that’s our military. Everybody knows that if you bring the battle to our turf, expect a showdown like no other. Expect the big guns, literally. Expect to rue the very day you ever thought about taking on the United States of America.

And how to we hand out all these whuppings? With our fine military personnel, of course. Halloween can also be a chance to represent our friends in uniform with a cool Military Costume. You’ll look ready for anything in these adult camouflaged outfits. Children don’t have to be left out if they wear a Child Military Costume. The whole family can get in on an army-inspired look.

At your next costumed event, Uncle Sam wants you to show your appreciation for this great nation with an awesome Patriotic Costume. You’ll be glad you did.

Outdoor Toys for the 4th of July!

July 4th is right around the corner. That means fireworks, backyard barbecues, and an excuse to get your little one an awesome Outdoor Toy!

Outdoor toys are the stuff that childhood summer memories are made of. They are the sticky glue that binds the grand tapestry of backyard adventures. Who doesn’t remember having fun as a kid soaking a sibling with a water gun or chasing down the neighborhood cat with a water balloon? What childhood is complete without a tree swing or a tiny trampoline? All of these items call children everywhere out to play, out into a world of limitless possibilities.

This season, help give your kids something to remember with an Outdoor Game or Lawn Game. Many of these games involve an element of competition, perfect for siblings who need to get their energy out in a fun way and have a good time together. From badminton to volleyball, an active game is a great way to enjoy the summer sun. Get the whole family involved for an excellent way to bond and show off your sporty outdoor skills.

For little ones a bit too young and uncoordinated for sports or games, a Child Playhouse or KidKraft Sandbox is a sure fire way to get them out of the house and into the backyard. Tiny tots will love playing pretend in their very own house or digging around in a colorful sandbox. These toys will help them use their imagination and get exercise in a totally fun way.

A kid who lives for the thrill of the road will love a new bike, scooter, or pogo stick. These active toys don’t require assembly or siblings to have a crazy good time. We even have Child Stilts.  What a wacky way to spend a sunny afternoon!

So while you’re out with your family in this sun this Fourth of July, think about how much fun you could have with a cool outdoor toy. For just a little money, you can help make memories that will last forever.