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Candy Costumes for Halloween 2012

It’s time to face the fact that summer is drawing to a close.  You’ll be replacing trips to the beach with trips to the apple orchard for cider tastings soon enough.  But with the arrival of Fall comes the promise of deliciousness–the previously mentioned apple cider, Thanksgiving, and, of course, Halloween candy!  Halloween and candy go hand-in-hand, making candy costumes a natural fit.  Click here to check out the new candy costumes for 2012!

Your sweet disposition is best suited for a sugary snack Halloween costume.  The Fun Dip is a classic Halloween candy–and it’s essentially sugar on sugar!  Relive the good old days of licking a sugar stick to dip into colored sugar with a Fun Dip Costume.  This costume dress is stylish and colorful, plus it comes with a Lik-a-Stix clutch which is both clever and useful.

Candy is a great idea for a teen costume.  These costume dresses are cute and can practically be worn as regular clothes.  Click here to see the adorable Tootsie Roll Costume Dress.  Or look here at the Teen Sweetarts Costume Dress.  There’s no need to be an angsty teen about Halloween when you can look this cute dressed as candy.  And you can get the smallest member of the family on board with help from the Baby Tootsie Roll costume found here.  Celebrate candy in every possible way!


Stuffed Toys — The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Ah Stuffed Toys–the childhood classic.  If you’re anything like me, you had a formidable army of stuffed animals growing up.  Each one was so special and so cuddly.  There’s something immensely satisfying about sleeping on a bed full of teddy bears.  And there’s something immensely emotional about having these stuffed animals for years and years.

There are plenty of reasons why you should be showering your children with stuffed toys.  For one, they are adorable.  You can’t help but smile when looking at this Fox Plush, right?  And if you think it’s cute, then your child certainly will love it.

Stuffed animals are definitely a safe choice–both in the fact that they are guaranteed to be loved and they are literally safe.  No small breakable parts in a stuffed animal, just soft, lovable goodness comprise a stuffed toy.

No one ever told me about the sentimental ramifications of owning stuffed animals.  You have them and love them when you are at your smallest and since they last so long, you’ll have them when you’ve grown to your potential.  This means taking the childhood favorite stuffed lamb with you to college because it reminds you of home.  This means you can always be connected to the ideal, picturesque version of your childhood as long as you have a stuffed animal.  You may not understand it or believe it now, but giving your child a stuffed toy is one of the most meaningful things you can ever do.