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Open Happiness with a Coca Cola Costume

You know how New Coke gets a bad rap for being a terrible idea?  Well, wearing a Coke costume at Halloween is a brilliant idea.  You’re as effervescent as a cool, crisp glass of coke, so why not celebrate that at Halloween by dressing as everyone’s favorite soft drink.  The look of a bottle or can of coke is so iconic that you’ll be instantly recognizable during the Halloween festivities.  In fact, you may have some craving the satisfying beverage.

You're as bubbly as this Coke costume.

A Coca Cola Costume can have more variations to it than you might expect, and if you click here you can get a look at all of them.  If you find the sound of a can cracking open, then a Coke can costume will suit you nicely.  And if you have felt a kinship in the past to the ubiquitous cups of Coca Cola on the judge’s table at American Idol, then you should definitely click here to check out the Coke cup costumes.  This one sparks some great group costume ideas.  Join up with a popcorn costume (like this one) and some candy costumes (check them out here) and go as movie snacks.  Grab some friends in a french fries costume, a cheeseburger costume, and a ketchup costume and you’re fast food!

If you’re looking to maintain a feminine edge while still expressing your love for Coca Cola, then you should definitely click here to check out the Coca Cola dresses.  These sexy costumes are chic enough to wear when it’s not even Halloween.  Choose either a Classic or Diet Coke costume, and you are well on your way to a refreshing Halloween.

Fifteen Minutes of Fame at Halloween

Andy Warhol said, “In the future everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes.”  Luckily for you, the future is as close as next Halloween!  You can be world-famous this Halloween by channeling your inner celebrity.  Click hereto check out the Famous People


A Katy Perry wig so you can really be a "California Gurl."


The key to picking out the perfect celebrity costume is choosing someone who is instantly recognizable.  Pop stars and musicians make for perfect Halloween costumes because they are constantly outdoing themselves and one another to stay in our memories.  If you’re thinking of kicking it old school, you may want to check out the Cher costume.  This Cher ensemble has got all the fringe and flower print to let everyone know who you are instantly.  Top it all off with the Cher wig and grab your “babe” a Sonny costume and you’ve got a great couples costume, too!

Pop stars of this generation are quite iconic as well.  Pretty much anything Lady Gaga puts on her body is memorable.  If you prefer not to drape yourself in raw meat, then click here to check out some alternative Lady Gaga Costumes.  From Lady Gaga wigs to the blue swimsuit in her “Poker Face” video, you’ll find what you need to be Mother Monster there.

For those who prefer delicious cotton candy-style, unapologetic bubble gum pop, there’s a variety of Katy Perry costumes to choose from.  And since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, you can honor Michael Jackson this Halloween by wearing one of his legendary looks.  Click here to check out some Michael Jackson costumes.

And if you aren’t feeling too musical this Halloween, there are plenty of other celebrity costumes to choose from.  Believe it or not, you can find a Charlie Sheen costume.  That will make for a “winning” Halloween.  Click here to check out Marilyn Monroe costumes–always a classic.  And maybe the most perfect famous person Halloween costume–Elvira.  An Elvira Costume lets you dress as someone famous, while still looking a little scary.  The best of both worlds!

Sexy Funny Costumes are Lovely and a Laugh!

If you’re going for a one-two punch this Halloween, there is no better combination than a Sexy Funny Costumes. Perfect for that group comedian who not only wants to be appreciated for her funny jokes but her good looks as well, these outfits are sure to fit the bill. Everyone loves a good pun, especially if it’s a pun as pretty as you!


If you’re looking for the most classic of funny sexy costumes for women, look no further than a Sexy Prisoner Costume! Playing the role of an escape convict is fun on it’s own, but being a bombshell while you’re at it? The best role possible to play on Halloween. You’ll be running from the law, and all those admirers, when you go out in one of these iconic outfits. Being lawless has never looked so lovely!



For those that want to think outside the box this Halloween, yet still want to be punny there’s the Mail Order Bride Costume! The epitome of play on words and the butt of every joke when it comes to foreign women, you’ll be every guy’s fantasy while still being the funniest person at any party. Whether you’re a special delivery from Russia, Japan or Korea, you’ll look lovely and luscious in this costume!

Don’t sacrifice sexy when you’re looking for something hilarious to wear this Halloween! As Hannah Montana once said, “You get the best of both worlds!” So be funny, be true to your personality and be sizzling all at the same time. We understand that human beings are complex multi-faceted beings, so we’ve created  multi-faceted costumes just for you! If you’re the type that will do anything for a laugh and love to show off your good looks at the same time, browse our Funny Sexy Costumes for the perfect costume for Halloween!

It’s All Just Politics: Obama and Romney Masks

2012 marks the year of the biggest Presidential campaign the 21st century has ever seen. Show your support with these Political Masks! Whether you vote for Obama or Romney, you’re sure to love one of these masks!

For those die-hard Democratics, a Barack Obama Mask will be a great way to celebrate this November 6th. Help the incumbent President out by sending him good vibes and good luck with one of these masks on! If you couldn’t care less about the election (even though that makes you an irresponsible citizen), use an Obama Mask to turn any situation into a presidential situation! Try to get into the White House with a spiffy suit and one of these masks on, but watch out for guard dogs and trigger-happy Secret Service though. Maybe go sky diving as Obama and post all your pictures up online, you’re sure to have some people question whether it is truly the President or not.  Want to stir up some life in your local bar? Put an announcement in the newspaper that Obama is coming to the pub for some arm wrestling contests. Everyone will show up for a beer, a President, showing off their biceps and a good time!

For those serious Republicans that want their party back in the reigns, a Mitt Romney Mask will channel all your good intentions to the election results for sure.  If you want to have more fun with your Romney mask, pair up for an Obama mask and have a mud wrestling contest at the public park. Better yet, go around town handing out flyers for the other opponent! That is one sure way to stir up confusion at your hometown!

Whatever your goals are for this election year, these Obama and Romney masks are sure to be a fun way to cause some mischief in your life.