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Fifteen Minutes of Fame at Halloween

Andy Warhol said, “In the future everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes.”  Luckily for you, the future is as close as next Halloween!  You can be world-famous this Halloween by channeling your inner celebrity.  Click hereto check out the Famous People


A Katy Perry wig so you can really be a "California Gurl."


The key to picking out the perfect celebrity costume is choosing someone who is instantly recognizable.  Pop stars and musicians make for perfect Halloween costumes because they are constantly outdoing themselves and one another to stay in our memories.  If you’re thinking of kicking it old school, you may want to check out the Cher costume.  This Cher ensemble has got all the fringe and flower print to let everyone know who you are instantly.  Top it all off with the Cher wig and grab your “babe” a Sonny costume and you’ve got a great couples costume, too!

Pop stars of this generation are quite iconic as well.  Pretty much anything Lady Gaga puts on her body is memorable.  If you prefer not to drape yourself in raw meat, then click here to check out some alternative Lady Gaga Costumes.  From Lady Gaga wigs to the blue swimsuit in her “Poker Face” video, you’ll find what you need to be Mother Monster there.

For those who prefer delicious cotton candy-style, unapologetic bubble gum pop, there’s a variety of Katy Perry costumes to choose from.  And since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, you can honor Michael Jackson this Halloween by wearing one of his legendary looks.  Click here to check out some Michael Jackson costumes.

And if you aren’t feeling too musical this Halloween, there are plenty of other celebrity costumes to choose from.  Believe it or not, you can find a Charlie Sheen costume.  That will make for a “winning” Halloween.  Click here to check out Marilyn Monroe costumes–always a classic.  And maybe the most perfect famous person Halloween costume–Elvira.  An Elvira Costume lets you dress as someone famous, while still looking a little scary.  The best of both worlds!

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