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Open Happiness with a Coca Cola Costume

You know how New Coke gets a bad rap for being a terrible idea?  Well, wearing a Coke costume at Halloween is a brilliant idea.  You’re as effervescent as a cool, crisp glass of coke, so why not celebrate that at Halloween by dressing as everyone’s favorite soft drink.  The look of a bottle or can of coke is so iconic that you’ll be instantly recognizable during the Halloween festivities.  In fact, you may have some craving the satisfying beverage.

You're as bubbly as this Coke costume.

A Coca Cola Costume can have more variations to it than you might expect, and if you click here you can get a look at all of them.  If you find the sound of a can cracking open, then a Coke can costume will suit you nicely.  And if you have felt a kinship in the past to the ubiquitous cups of Coca Cola on the judge’s table at American Idol, then you should definitely click here to check out the Coke cup costumes.  This one sparks some great group costume ideas.  Join up with a popcorn costume (like this one) and some candy costumes (check them out here) and go as movie snacks.  Grab some friends in a french fries costume, a cheeseburger costume, and a ketchup costume and you’re fast food!

If you’re looking to maintain a feminine edge while still expressing your love for Coca Cola, then you should definitely click here to check out the Coca Cola dresses.  These sexy costumes are chic enough to wear when it’s not even Halloween.  Choose either a Classic or Diet Coke costume, and you are well on your way to a refreshing Halloween.

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