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Good for the Soul — Campbell’s Soup Costumes

You need a Halloween costume that will warm you up from the inside out. You need a costume that will take you back to your childhood days and being cared for by Mom. You need a Campbell’s Soup Costume. This costume is instantly recognizable and lovable.

Get everyone prepared for the cold weather with the reminder that with snow and biting winds comes the warm, delicious comfort foods like Campbell’s Soup. Click here to check out the food costumes that will be a source of nostalgia for everyone. You can go the very traditional route with a soup can costume. With this soup costume, you’ll have everyone wanting to dip grilled cheese in you. Make sure they don’t do this, though. In keeping with the tomato soup theme, click here to check out a super cute costume dress. This tomato soup costume lets you look your best at Halloween while still paying homage to the iconic image.

Most likely we wouldn’t care at all about what a can of tomato soup looks like if it weren’t for Andy Warhol. And you can’t write about Campbell’s Tomato Soup without bringing Warhol up. If you really want a creative costume this Halloween, then don one of these soup cans and if someone says “You’re a can of soup?” say, “Actually, I’m an Andy Warhol Painting.” Fine art costumes are rare at Halloween, so you’ll definitely blow them away with this Andy Warhol costume.

It’s amazing what you can do with one of the Campbell’s Soup Costumes!

Ninja Costumes that are Waiting in the Shadows!

The way of the ninja is ingrained in stealth.  They lurk in the shadows and travel in silence.  Every sense needs to be in tune with the environment and every action needs to be swift.  A true ninja can take advantage of the slightest misstep, but aside from their assassin abilities, they are especially known for their sleek guises.  The fit, dark garbs inspire fear into foes and awe into children.  Ninjas posses a mythical aura and Halloween presents the perfect opportunity!  Click here to see ninja costumes for people of all ages!

The life of a ninja is dangerous!

The lure of the ninja lifestyle is especially appealing to children!  Take a visit to our selection and find a fitting ninja suit for your child.  Costumes of different colors are available, complete with masks, headbands, and other accessories.  The way of the ninja starts at a young age, and a costume might be the safest way to funnel that energy.  Real ninja stars are not safe.  As an alternative, make a ninja star out of paper and color it in too for added effect.  Toy swords and toy ninja stars are just effective for practice.  Climb the walls in your home and creep silently in the shadows!

Ninjas aren’t only mythicized by kids, but also by adults.  Halloween allows grownups to jump out of their skin, enact fantasies, and resurrect dreams of their youth.  Mask up and patrol the neighborhood.  Trick-or-treaters should be able to visit houses in peace.  Find a hiding spot behind a bush or on the roof of a home and protect your neighborhood.  To take a different spin on the ninja image, women can add another weapon to their arsenal.  Take a peek at a sexy ninja costume.  The curves and openings on this dress is enough to throw any enemy off balance.  Who needs a ninja star when you’re that hot?

Today is a long way from Feudal Japan.  To keep the ninja legacy strong, you have to improvise.  Start off with a stealthy costume, stock up on different accessories, and prepare for an exciting adventure!