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Thanksgiving Style — Turkey Costumes

Turkeys are synonymous with both, interestingly enough, flubs and deliciousness.  Everyone knows that eating a juicy, perfectly roasted turkey at Thanksgiving is far from a flub, which means wearing a turkey costume at Thanksgiving can only be a good idea, right?  Luckily, if you browse through our site, you’ll find the perfect turkey costume to kick up the family fun a notch.

As long as you’re out of the range of a hunter, wearing a turkey costume means nothing but good times.  The actual bird may be the star of Thanksgiving dinner, but you can come in a close second with a turkey costume.  Step into a turkey costume like this one (pictured) and you’ll gobble up plenty of familial love.  You could say that particular animal costume takes a more realistic approach to dressing like a turkey–grounding it in a biological reality.  But that’s kind of a ridiculous thing to say.

Although, when you compare the aforementioned turkey costume to the one you’ll see when you click here, you’ll see how far from reality you can get while wearing a turkey costume.  This particular turkey costume really gets into the Thanksgiving spirit by donning the classic Pilgrim garb of a buckle hat.  So, if you’re looking for a turkey costume that’s as riddled with inaccuracies as Thanksgiving itself, then this is the perfect one for you.  It’s important to remember Thanksgiving is really about fun, bonding, and so, so much food.  Turkey costumes manage to celebrate all three of these things!

I apologize if you’re looking for an informative blog post on costumes from the country of Turkey.