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Kids Tents and Tunnels for Indoor Fun!

If you’re in certain parts of the world, the weather isn’t exactly ideal yet.  Even if a day looks perfect–with the sun shining in a cloudless sky, it may still be terribly cold.  This means outdoor play is limited to winter related games like sledding and skating.  But indoor play is unlimited!  And your kids will love playing around in one of our Kids Tents or Kids Tunnels.

Your kid’s imagination is sparked by one of these colorful and fun kids tents.  Click here to check out some super cool play tents.  The one pictured here looks just like an adorable ladybug.  This Ladybug Tent will become a beloved part of your home and then your backyard when it gets warmer out.

Add to the magic of a kid’s tent with one of these awesome kids tunnels!  Either with a tent or on its own, the kids tunnels will inspire plenty of fun.  Not only do the adventure tunnels feature vibrant colors, they are frequently designed to look like adorable animals like Butterflies or Bumble Bees.

So, spruce up your home with these nifty kids tents and tunnels when the weather prevents you from enjoying the great outdoors.  Your kids will love it and it lets them be active, while also avoiding cabin fever.  And when the weather warms up, take the play tents and hide and seek tunnels outside for all the more fun!

Snow Day Activities – Preparing for Snowpocalypse!

The weather guys are promising a brutal weekend full of snow which means you’ve got to prepare!  You must protect yourself from boredom!  Get yourself some winter toys and start enjoying the powdery fun.  Just the right snow day activities can make all the negative parts of a snow day–shoveling, tricky driving conditions, etc.–a little better.

First, the most obvious winter toy: the sled.  Click here to check out some beautiful snow sleds for people who are serious about having fun.  Even if you’re just a casual sled enthusiast, you will know that there are several kinds.  The Flyer Sled, with its rails and wood body, has a very classic look.  This winter sled is definitely never going out of style.  And for more of a European/Snow Lodge feel–go for the toboggan.  The kick sled is one you may be less familiar with.  Click here to check out this sled that you actually sit upright in.  All these sleds are missing is you and a cup of delicious hot chocolate!

If you’re not willing to brave the cold for some sledding fun, then you’re going to have to think about some indoor activities.  Click hereto check out a wide array of board games.  There are some unique games out there, like the  Bostonopoly Board Game which, you guessed it, is all about Boston.  And you can check out the classic game like Scrabble and Clue in fancy Nostalgia Tins by clicking here.  Winter is a long season and it’s worth getting real swanky when it comes what you do while keeping warm inside!

Feel free to go all out when it comes to preparing for winter and all the indoor activities that come with it.  Fashion a room into a game room with these Game Room Supplies.  Maybe put on a show with a Puppet Theater!  Hey, you gotta do something to ward off cabin fever.