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School Backpacks

Every child needs some way to carry their school supplies back and forth each day. An ordinary bookbag will get the job done like any other kids bag, but you can make going to school something they look forward to each morning because they know they get to use their cool backpack! We’ve got two great options when it comes to kids backpacks.

 The Star Wars backpack on the left turns Yoda into a child’s new back buddy! This kids bookbag is quite unique because it is in the form of a plush toy. Underneath Yoda’s hood is an opening with a zipper that lets kids put their school supplies inside of the book bag. As far as Star Wars backpacks go, this Yoda backpack is the coolest one in the universe that any boy or girl who is a fan of the wise,  green creature will love using!


Another great option for this school year is the personalized backpack for kids. Any child will feel super special to receive this personalized kids gift that won’t simply be tossed into the closet and never seen or heard from again. Instead, this present for children will be used everyday when they go to school or even when they go somewhere on the weekends.  You can choose pink or blue as the color of this personalized backpack. The major decision comes with choosing the right design option. With so many choices, ranging from a ballet theme to a heart and balloon  pattern, you can customize this child book bag to perfectly match their interests and personality!

We’ve got a great variety of kids backpacks. Click here to see them all!

Animal Backpacks

School will be back in session soon and you have a long shopping list for the school year. While it may be tempting to just go to one store, fill up the cart with all of the materials they “need” (most of which they probably won’t even use) and call it a day, you also want to ensure that they like what you get for them. Because it is necessary for them tote all of their books, pencils, crayons and more to school each day, you know that a backpack is the one thing they really do need. Luckily, we have some cute new animal backpacks that will keep your child smiling all school year long!

To the left is an owl backpack that really is a hoot! The top part of the book bag serves as the owl’s head, complete with big wide eyes and a little orange beak. Two blue ears stick out atop this kids bag which matches the zippered front pocket on the bottom of the bag.

There are other great choices so your little one can have the child bookbag that looks just like their favorite animal. Click here to see the frog backpack that smiles right at you and is, as you probably guessed, a fun shade of green! If house pets are what your child prefers, we also have a cat backpack and dog book bag.

These animals will quickly become your child’s new favorite pals! Be sure to check out all of our child backpacks.


Educational Toys

School will be back in session soon. Because they have been enjoying their summer vacation most likely anything deemed educational has probably been the last thing on their minds. They’re too busy lazying around the house, going on family trips, or playing outside with their friends. Maybe you have a little one at home who hasn’t even begun school yet. Well, it’s never too early to start preparing them for the academic life by getting their brain juices flowing! These educational toys will teach your littles ones and keep the minds of older children sharp even during the final month of their summer vaca.

It doesn’t matter whether or not they aspire to be a scientist when they grow up. Any child will have a blast with one of these science kits. There are a wide variety of kits to choose from so there is sure to be one that will peak their interest. They’ll be so engaged in what they are doing that they won’t even notice how much they are learning about the world around them!

There are other great ways to challenge their minds, too. Click here to see some unique jigsaw puzzles that will really get them thinking critically. They will develop problem solving skills. What’s even more special about these kids puzzles? The fact that they can be personalized! Choose a theme and add a  personal message for a kids gift that shows how much you care.

No matter what age they are it is important to mix learning in with their play time all-year round! Don’t you want to have the smartest kid on the block?