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Personalized Step Stools

Sometimes we all need a little boost. Even adults sometimes can’t reach what is on the top shelf. Just as grown ups use ladders when they just aren’t tall enough for any given purpose, kids also need an extra step sometimes. Whether they have trouble using the water fountain or have difficulty getting their hand into the cookie jar, a step stool for kids is just what they need. If a personalized step stool is what they get to use, then they won’t at all feel embarrassed for needing the extra help. Kids will be eager to use a child step stool that has their name on it!

¬†Pictured on the left is just one example of the many personalized step stools that we offer. This particular girls step stool has a princess theme featuring pictures of a castle, wand, and tiara. The little princess in your life will feel like royalty with this personalized kids gift. Other designs include hearts, daisies, and tulips. The child’s name can be printed onto the step stool in either soft pastel or bright primary colors. These stools are great gifts for girls!

Kids step stools are also the perfect personalized gifts for boys. Of course, the designs of the boys step stools are different from those of the girls step stools. Check out the boys step stool with a sports theme. It features pictures of a football, baseball, and basketball. If he prefers to spend his time in the garage with dad instead of watching sports on the couch, then click here to see the step stool for kids that pictures a drill, hammer, and saw!

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