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Ninja Turtle Costumes

The storyline of your life is an interesting one. Having been trained by your rat sensei, you have mastered the art of ninjutsu. Along with three other anthropomorphic turtles, who are your partners in fighting crime as well as your best friends, you stop bad guys from carrying out evil deeds. Grossly enough, you live in the sewers in New York City but your pad is pretty tricked out. Whether it be invaders from outer space, evil overlords, or anything in between, you are prepared for anything that comes your way. Your name is something that you have in common with a famous Renaissance painter. If any of this sounds appealing, then wearing one of our teenage mutant ninja turtles costumes is the right choice for you!

Kids Halloween costumes come in various shapes and forms, but what’s particularly neat about these ninja turtles costumes is that they are an awesome combination of turtle costumes and kids superhero costumes! Most comic book superheroes are simply humans (or beings that resemble humans) but wearing boys Halloween costumes is about having the chance to be something that you would never get to be in everyday life. Therefore, kids ninja turtle costumes take the concept of child superhero costumes one step further by allowing you to be a masked reptile with superior crime fighting abilities!¬†Whether Raphael, Donatello, Leonardo, or Michelangelo is your favorite TMNT character, we’ve got the teenage mutant ninja turtle costume for you! Click here to see them all.

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