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Girl Superhero Costumes

While most of the heroes in comic books are male, in a perfect world there would be a better balance of strong and powerful role models for both boys and girls to look up to of their own gender. Nevertheless, Halloween is all about pretend and having the chance to be something that you could never be in real life. Now girls can take their rightful place in the comic universe by wearing girl superhero costumes! With these superhero costumes for girls, kids won’t simply throw on a mask and cape. Most of these outfits are superhero dresses that let girls look stylish and cute while fighting off the bad guys and saving the day!

To the left is the Thor girl costume┬áthat is a fashionable silver and blue dress. Any girl who wears this child Thor costume will instantly become a member of the Avengers! Asgard will be the new home planet of any child who dresses up in this Thor Halloween costume. The little lady wearing this superhero girl costume will get to see what it’s like to be a god for a day. Talk about girl power! She won’t even need Thor’s powerful hammer. Just looking at how fierce and confident she looks in this girl superhero costume will be enough to ward off any enemies she may have to battle.


Who runs the worlds? Girls! And now who protects the world? Girls, too! Whether she wants to dress up in a Batgirl costume, girl Captain America costume or as any other superhero, we’ve got all the best superhero costumes for girls. Check them all out here.


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