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Super Mario Costumes

Super Mario Halloween costumes are fun costumes for kids to wear! Wearing Super Mario Bros costumes gives children the chance to fuse together the video game world with reality for one fun night of trick or treating. By embodying the Super Mario brothers characters, kids’ imaginations will be in for a real adventure.

Mario and Luigi costumes are the coolest Halloween costumes for boys. These Super Mario brothers costumes are nearly identical with only two distinct differences. While the Mario Halloween costume is red, the Luigi costume is green. Similarly, the kids Mario costume has the letter “M” in the center of the hat, while there is a big “L” on the cap of the kids Luigi costume. Besides that, each of these Mario brothers costumes includes a hat, shirt, overalls, and big mustache which culminates in two cool-looking Mario bros costumes.

Boys aren’t the only ones who can wear Super Mario costumes for kids. Our Super Mario costume ideas extend to girls with the Princess Peach costume. Girls princess costumes are typical for young ones to wear, but wearing the Princess Peach costume for kids is a unique princess costume for girls to wear. This pretty pink gown comes with a jeweled crown that serves as the physical symbol of her newly achieved royal status!

Check out all of our Mario brothers costumes and other video game costumes by clicking here. These video game character costumes for kids let children take part in the arcade fun!

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