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Pilgrim Costume for Boys

Halloween may be over for the year, but kids love dressing up in costumes so why limit wearing fun costumes to just one day out of the year? October may have passed, but the fun has only just commenced. Thanksgiving is November 28th, and thus another opportunity to wear cool costumes is on its way. Have your boys dress up in pilgrim costumes as Thanksgiving costumes so that eating food will only be the second best thing about the November holiday!


Pictured on the left is a pilgrim costume for boys, which is just one example of our several pilgrim costumes for kids to choose from! Venture back to the days of colonial America with this historical costume that will transport him and everyone who sees him back in time.

If he prefers blue over black, then we also have a boys pilgrim costume in the color blue! Click here to see it.

Both of these kids historical costumes comes complete with all of the clothes and accessories they need to pull off the pilgrim look!

Colonial costumes for boys  are a great exercise of the imagination. Instead of simply associating Thanksgiving with eating food, wearing any of these historical costumes for kids will let them take part in the history of the day. When kids embody the original English settlers of America, they will get a history lesson in a fun and meaningful way! These pilgrim costumes are colonial costumes for kids who have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season! Check out all of our pilgrim costumes for kids by clicking here.

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