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Stay Cool with a HOT Pool Float this Summer

Memorial Day is that very much needed, end of the school year holiday that symbolizes that summer is near. Most Americans have this Memorial Day Monday off and with that comes barbecues and pool parties!

Pool parties are an American summer tradition and no pool party worth its salt is complete without some rockstar pool toys for your swimming pool. The days of boring foam pool noodles or ordinary dollar-store inflatable balls are long gone. Now, there are pool floats in just about every shape and size. From giant smiley faces to retro candy boxes, the selection of humorous and unique pool floats is endless. Are you a gamer? You will give a high score to our inflatable Pac-Man floats. More of a trekkie? You can now lounge in the pool in Captain Kirk’s captain chair from the Starship Enterprise.

Unique pool floats are not just to keep the kiddies busy anymore either. A truly great pool float is a conversation piece. Something for the neighbors to ask you about when you are sharing a cold drink by the grill. Nothing gets the block

talking like a giant flamingo float wading in your swimming pool. Recently, Giant Swan pool floats becoming all the rage in the always-trendy Hamptons area was the subject of a story in the Wall Street Journal. Sure, you can put an ordinary inflatable raft in your pool this summer but think about the attention a 6 foot tall Rubber Ducky would get? Lately, the hottest inflatable pool floats have been the ones modeled after food. Remember when your parents told you not to take food into the pool? You can now get back at them with a 4 foot wide Chocolate Donut Pool Float. A pool float so yummy, someone couldn’t help but take a bite! It doesn’t end there. You can now have pizza slices, ice cream sandwiches or a box of Junior Mints floating in your pool! So whether you’re a foodie or a gamer, or you just love being different, take a look at our swimming pool float section. We are guaranteed to have the pool float for you!