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Shark Week is Finally Here!

Shark Week is back everyone! I think we’re going to need a bigger boat, or a
bigger way to celebrate! Although the holiday week arrives a little early this
year, not to worry – Fantasy Toyland has got you covered on all your shark needs. Join in on the 27-year Shark Week tradition with our one-of-a-kind shark costumes!

Shark Week is about raising awareness and respect for our favorite feisty and
beautiful sea creatures. Become part of the longest-running cable T.V. show event by diving into Discovery Channel’s successfully noble mission.  Our adult shark costume and adult shark dress are the perfect outfits to start showing your support of this beneficial cause. They also make for an adorable shark couples costume! The shark mouth cut-outs around your face will make it look like you are really being eaten by those insane pair of jaws!

For a casual alternative, try our shark hoodie, featured on the right. All your friends will be impressed by your shark enthusiasm and by your awesome sweatshirt. Not only is this a cool look, but it will actually keep you warm and snug on those cold days!

Click here to take a look at our shark mascots to show off the fun and friendly side of this wondrous aquatic animal. Feel free to browse through some of our funny, bloody, and baby shark costumes that you can wear on Halloween or on any Shark Week to come!

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