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Educational Toys

School will be back in session soon. Because they have been enjoying their summer vacation most likely anything deemed educational has probably been the last thing on their minds. They’re too busy lazying around the house, going on family trips, or playing outside with their friends. Maybe you have a little one at home who hasn’t even begun school yet. Well, it’s never too early to start preparing them for the academic life by getting their brain juices flowing! These educational toys will teach your littles ones and keep the minds of older children sharp even during the final month of their summer vaca.

It doesn’t matter whether or not they aspire to be a scientist when they grow up. Any child will have a blast with one of these science kits. There are a wide variety of kits to choose from so there is sure to be one that will peak their interest. They’ll be so engaged in what they are doing that they won’t even notice how much they are learning about the world around them!

There are other great ways to challenge their minds, too. Click here to see some unique jigsaw puzzles that will really get them thinking critically. They will develop problem solving skills. What’s even more special about these kids puzzles? The fact that they can be personalized! Choose a theme and add a  personal message for a kids gift that shows how much you care.

No matter what age they are it is important to mix learning in with their play time all-year round! Don’t you want to have the smartest kid on the block?

Personalized Kids Gifts

As a parent or someone with a beloved child in your life, you probably enjoy shopping for presents for your little one. As you walk up and down the aisles at the store or search for cool toys online, you imagine the joy they will experience when they see what you get them. You finally purchase the item that you expect will make them the happiest. As you envisioned, they receive the gift and their face lights up. That’s great! What sucks is the next day when that bright new shiny toy is laying in a messy pile in the corner of their room, never to be seen or heard from again. This is why it’s important not to just buy them something ordinary because it will be forgotten at the drop of a pin. Instead, get them something that will make them feel truly special. Personalized kids gifts are definitely the way to go!

Personalized Name Puzzle

This personalized name puzzle pictured on the left is a great choice for any young child. Make learning about the alphabet even more enjoyable by turning the letters of their name into a fun puzzle! Check out our personalized nap mats that are sure to make them look forward to naptime even more than before. If you really want to get them something that they’ll use again and again, then click here to take a  look at our entire stock of personalized gifts for kids that ranges from personalized kids furniture to personalized sleeping bags and everything in between!

Why It’s Important for Kids to Play Music

We all love to shower our kids with toys. It makes us smile to see the the look of joy on their faces when they receive a new action figure or video game. However, many fail to realize that the type of toys you are giving your child have a direct effect on their brain development. Playing a musical instrument has many important benefits for people of all ages, but especially young ones at the early stages of development.

Any of our musical toys will stimulate your child’s mind so they will start out on the right path toward a bright future. Smart parents don’t just want their child to learn to play an instrument for college admissions. They realize the importance of incorporating music into their child’s lives. Playing music improves a child’s cognitive, motor and sensory skills, not to mention the fact that it allows them to use their creativity in a fun way.  There are, of course, educational benefits to playing music. Numerous studies have shown that there is a clear, positive relationship between exposure to music and high academic achievement. Your child will get to express themselves like never before when they pick up a toy that has them constantly learning without them even realizing it! So give them the gift that keeps on giving. When they start playing the toy guitar, drum set, or any other musical toy instrument their play time will become a beneficial experience that’s nothing but pure fun for them. Your child is never too young for one of these toys. Actually, the sooner the better!

Rainy Day Fun: Unique Games

With Spring comes days of beautiful sunshine followed by days of miserable rain. It comes with the territory of March, April, and May.  So while you’ll spend those sunny days relishing the great outdoors and getting the requisite Vitamin D, you’ll need something to do when going outside is no longer an option.  Tear yourself away from eyeball-melting screens and grab a unique game to spend some time with!  Click here to check out the coolest unique games in existence!

Retro games are fun for a throwback night.  You’ll get to show your kids what fun was like before “apps” just meant appetizers.  Find here beautiful wood board games like this Connect 4 Game.  Retro games don’t require an outlet, so if there happens to be a power outage (hopefully not!) you can keep amused with them and a couple of candles.

Games and Puzzles can keep your mind working when you’re cooped up inside.  Click here to check out some great games and puzzles.  Instead of wasting away in front of the TV or at your computer for the 8th consecutive hour, challenge yourself with a Rubik’s Cube.  Can you solve it?  Only one way to find out!

Marble Mazes, like the ones you can find by clicking here, offer extreme fun.  Marble maze toys are a pretty classic indoor activity, but these take things to a whole other level.  Watch gravity work its magic on marbles as they go through amazing loops and tracks like you’ve never seen before.

Good luck keeping entertained while your keeping dry from spring showers.  Although, some of these unique games are so great that you’ll be tempted to stay in and play even on gorgeous days!  But don’t do that…check out our outdoor toys, instead!

Taking Fun to New Heights – Pure Fun Trampolines

Sometimes it can be difficult to pry your children away from TVs, computers, and various other electronic devices and direct them to fresh air and exercise.  But, if you have the proper tools, also known as outdoor toys, you can lure them into soaking up Vitamin D from the sun while running about the backyard.  One super fun backyard toy is the trampoline.  You can click here to check out some great trampolines by Pure Fun.

Trampolines are so much fun!

The Pure Fun trampolines are as safe and sturdy as possible.  These trampolines are built with rust resistant and galvanized steel tubing and you won’t have to worry about the trampolines shifting, or the joints degrading.   Your kids deserve the highest quality toys, and the Pure Fun trampolines are the best in their field.

The trampolines come in a variety of sizes, ranging from a 12 Foot Trampoline to a 15 Foot Trampoline.  Trampoline enclosures are also available for purchase, by clicking here.  You can also get it all with a trampoline set, which includes both the trampoline and the enclosure.

You’ll have to assemble the trampoline yourself, although that will be easy.  Plus, you’ll have a sense of accomplishment and pride when you see your kids playing with an outdoor toy that you built yourself.

When your kids has a trampoline, there’s no telling what they will be inspired to do.  Maybe they’ll take up gymnastics as a hobby and make it all the way to the Olympics!  Maybe they’ll be inspired by the flight of jumping on a trampoline that they’ll explore space one day!  It’s definitely possible.

Cooking Up Fun with Pretend Play Kitchens

With shows like The Taste and anything on Food Network, cooking is more popular than ever.  Let your kid take part in the zeitgeist with one of our toy kitchens.  Click here to check out the coolest pretend play kitchen ever, because there’s definitely one that’s perfect for your kid.  No matter you or your kid’s style, there’s a toy kitchen out there for him or her.


KidKraft Retro Toy Kitchen

A toy retro kitchen offers real contemporary fun.

KidKraft Toy Kitchens happen to be extra adorable.  This pretend play toy will be instantly adored by your little one.  Plus, you have the option of making this a personalized toy, so it’s all the more special.  Imagine your kid’s name proudly displayed on a Red Vintage Toy Kitchen, click here to check that style out.  That particular style is good evidence that the kids kitchen can be a unisex toy.  Why can’t boys play with toy kitchens?  No reason!  Why should they?  Mario Batali, Bobby Flay, and Anthony Bourdain.  Plus, cooking is a good hobby to get into, just for a good quality of life.

Besides the KidKraft Toy Kitchens, there are plenty of other super fun and awesome looking ones.  This Maxim Toy Kitchen Center has all the necessary pretend play fun in a compact space.  You have the pretend microwave, the stove, the little sink, and the oven that’s perfect for all your kid’s imaginary food needs.

And when you add the toy kitchen accessories to any pretend play kitchen set, you really have the perfect recipe for fun.  Get your little one’s culinary life off on the right start with a toy kitchen!

NapBags – The Latest Must-Have for Your Kid

One of the perks of being a kid is it’s more socially acceptable to take naps throughout the day.  In fact, napping is supposed to be good for health (even in adults–but that’s a different story).  And so, NapBags were born.  It is exactly how it sounds–a sleeping bag made specifically for naps.  These kids sleeping bags are made for light dozing, and they come is fun designs to really attract your kids.

The ultra soft material of the nap bags ensure that your little ones will be comfortable and have sweet dreams.  As an added bonus, the nap bags fold into their own carrying cases so they can easily be taken to a daycare, school, sleep over, or wherever!  For even more convenience, the nap bags come with their own pillows attached.

There are plenty of designs to choose from, so you’ll definitely find something to match your little one’s style and vibe.  If your kid is into sports, click here to check out a sports themed nap bag.  And if your little one is a funky fashionista, then she’ll love the pink cheetah print one.  You can click here to check that napbag out.

One of the perks of childhood is that it’s socially acceptable–and expected–to take naps.  This personalized kids gift will help your little ones do just that, and in style.  Once your kid sees his or her name on a nap bag, the nap bag will instantly become a prized possession.  Give your little one the gift of comfort with a nap bag–the coolest kid gift out there.


Kids Tents and Tunnels for Indoor Fun!

If you’re in certain parts of the world, the weather isn’t exactly ideal yet.  Even if a day looks perfect–with the sun shining in a cloudless sky, it may still be terribly cold.  This means outdoor play is limited to winter related games like sledding and skating.  But indoor play is unlimited!  And your kids will love playing around in one of our Kids Tents or Kids Tunnels.

Your kid’s imagination is sparked by one of these colorful and fun kids tents.  Click here to check out some super cool play tents.  The one pictured here looks just like an adorable ladybug.  This Ladybug Tent will become a beloved part of your home and then your backyard when it gets warmer out.

Add to the magic of a kid’s tent with one of these awesome kids tunnels!  Either with a tent or on its own, the kids tunnels will inspire plenty of fun.  Not only do the adventure tunnels feature vibrant colors, they are frequently designed to look like adorable animals like Butterflies or Bumble Bees.

So, spruce up your home with these nifty kids tents and tunnels when the weather prevents you from enjoying the great outdoors.  Your kids will love it and it lets them be active, while also avoiding cabin fever.  And when the weather warms up, take the play tents and hide and seek tunnels outside for all the more fun!

Snow Day Activities – Preparing for Snowpocalypse!

The weather guys are promising a brutal weekend full of snow which means you’ve got to prepare!  You must protect yourself from boredom!  Get yourself some winter toys and start enjoying the powdery fun.  Just the right snow day activities can make all the negative parts of a snow day–shoveling, tricky driving conditions, etc.–a little better.

First, the most obvious winter toy: the sled.  Click here to check out some beautiful snow sleds for people who are serious about having fun.  Even if you’re just a casual sled enthusiast, you will know that there are several kinds.  The Flyer Sled, with its rails and wood body, has a very classic look.  This winter sled is definitely never going out of style.  And for more of a European/Snow Lodge feel–go for the toboggan.  The kick sled is one you may be less familiar with.  Click here to check out this sled that you actually sit upright in.  All these sleds are missing is you and a cup of delicious hot chocolate!

If you’re not willing to brave the cold for some sledding fun, then you’re going to have to think about some indoor activities.  Click hereto check out a wide array of board games.  There are some unique games out there, like the  Bostonopoly Board Game which, you guessed it, is all about Boston.  And you can check out the classic game like Scrabble and Clue in fancy Nostalgia Tins by clicking here.  Winter is a long season and it’s worth getting real swanky when it comes what you do while keeping warm inside!

Feel free to go all out when it comes to preparing for winter and all the indoor activities that come with it.  Fashion a room into a game room with these Game Room Supplies.  Maybe put on a show with a Puppet Theater!  Hey, you gotta do something to ward off cabin fever.


Are You Ready for Some Football Gifts?

With the football season coming to an exciting close on Sunday, you may be experiencing NFL withdrawal symptoms.  It’s important to remember that you can keep those good football feelings alive in the comfort of your own home with help from one of our football gifts.

NFL Vibrating Football Game for your off-season football needs.

Electronic football games are a classic and nostalgic way to keep the spirit of football alive until next season.  Click here to check out all of our varieties of electric football games.  Playing electric football poses less of a danger to your health than actually playing football.  And, no one can tell that you’re not in shape when you’re playing vibrating football.  Electric football is always loads of fun, whether you’re going for the NFL Vibrating Football Game or the Rose Bowl Electric Football Game.

Football gifts for kids are perfect for those little ones who have their eyes set on winning a Heisman in a few years.  The Football Personalized Kid Sleeping Bag would be an awesome addition to your kid’s room.  This personalized gift ensures that everyone knows who is such a big football fan.  A kid’s room can also score a touchdown with the addition of a football photo frame.  Click here to check out the lovable and hilarious Football Photo Bobble Head.

You’ve probably already started counting down the days until the next football season starts.  But interim period shouldn’t be a sad time for you–you should be preparing for that Super Bowl win that you’re team is definitely getting next year. Cheer up with a football gift, and while you’re planning your outfits for next year’s stadium visits, consider wearing a Football Hat.  It’s just good sense.