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Flip the Script with a Pun Costume!

A pun is a form of word play where a word or phrase has more than one meaning.  When executed perfectly, puns can be funny, creative, and raunchy all at the same time. Costumes present the perfect opportunity to for the humor of puns to be embodied.  Explore the depths of everyone’s sense of humor with a Pun Costume!


Get your day started on the right foot with a Deviled Egg Costume!  Actually, a breakfast of champions with a penchant for the dark side may start you on the wrong foot, but it’s definitely a creative costume.  Food costumes present a slew of catchy puns.  The Totally Baked Potato and Couch Potato Costume are for the more laid people that have their own style of recreation.  The Blow Me Bubblegum and Suck Me Lollipop Costume are not for kids, but they are drop dead hilarious!  Funny costumes with an extra layer of meaning double up on the laughter!


The writing is on the wall and it’s not graffiti!  Sex is on everyone’s mind.  Pun costumes release that urge in a creative way.  The Choking the Chicken Costume signals a different kind of release, and the Morning Wood Costume would be a good pair for it.  Cause and effect relationships offer creative avenues for group costumes.  As for couple’s costumes, it doesn’t get any better than the Brick Layer and Brick House Costume.  There are way too many awesome pun costumes to name!


Join forces with another like-minded deviant or laugh yourself to death with a hilarious Pun Costume!