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Drink Costumes that even the Playing Field!

One thing is certain: Halloween is about having fun.  However, the source of fun varies, case by case.  Children live for trick-or-treating, teenagers get their rocks off by causing havoc and partying, and adults find creative ways to spend their time.  A common source of enjoyment for adults is alcohol, and, thankfully, we have a trick that will eliminate hangovers.  Achieve a joyful buzz by dressing up in a Drink Costume!


Beer Costumes will make or break any party!  Funny, frank, and friendly, beer costumes embody good times.  Whether you want to be a Beer Mug, Beer Bottle, or Beer Man, everyone will love your alcohol costume.  Chug your way to a good time, but make sure you keep count of how much you’ve had to drink.  Keeping count is especially important with liquor.  Our Vodka Costume and Tequila Costumes are rebel rousers that pack a huge punch.  Every party has potential for greatness when you dress up in a liquor costume!


Maybe you have a reason to party.  If so relish in the moment and celebrate with a Champagne Costume!  Both men and women can pop the cork and toast to a good time.  Couples costumes are too easy with our collection of Drinking Costumes.  A festive night is possible, but you can also chill out with an Appletini Costume.  The choice is yours.  Choose a drink that fits your mood!


Halloween night will send shockwaves throughout the party world!  Join the celebration with a Drink Costume!

Funny Couples Costumes that Double the Fun!

Aw, Isn’t that sweet!  The couple wants to coordinate their Halloween costume and show up everyone else in attendance.  Matching costumes bode well for a relationship, but make sure you choose the right costumes because a clash of interests can lead to an avalanche.  Strike the biggest hurdle off the list and choose a universal genre: comedy!  Everyone likes to laugh, and you will too once you see our Funny Couples Costumes!


If anyone pulls your card on Halloween night, whip out an Adult Card Costume with your partner!  King of Hearts and Queen of Hearts Costumes are perfect matches.  It may be an arranged marriage, but they are royalty.  For a costume that loosens the mood, go for a stroll through our collection of Salt and Pepper Costumes.  Fiery couples with a combative passion will love the contrast that salt and pepper presents.  Either way, the choice you choose will shake to your own tune!


Drinking Costumes might be the best category for Couples Costume!  Our Beer Costumes come in all shapes and sizes.  Both men and women can dress as beer mugs, glasses, cans, bottles, kegs, and superheroes.  For the hard drinkers, tequila costumes and champagne costumes offer a trip on the wild side, and the selection doesn’t stop there.  Christianity is well represented with the Adam & Eve costume, while the Plug and Socket Costume brings back a modern day flavor.  Funny Costumes can now be shared between couples!


Wear a Funny Couples Costume, and show a sense of humor and respect for the special union you’ve made!