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Teach your Child the Value of Money with our Electronic Toys!

Short attention spans don’t really endear children to the value of money!  At a young age, everything comes and goes without too much worry because the world is new and full of possibilities.  Money is no exception.  To counter this, you should make your child aware of the flow and transferring of money.  Do this by looking at our ATM Banks, Cash Registers, and Coin Banks in our collection of Electronic Toys!


Kid ATM Banks offer a very intuitive and interactive experience that is close enough to the real thing!  Your little one can deposit and withdraw real money.  An ATM card is provided and able to be swiped to access an account.  All of the features that you would find in a real bank are found in these toys.  A similar experience can be found with a Talking Cash Register!  From the calculator, scanner, and microphone down to the handling of money, the life of cashier is accurately replicated with these money toys.


Baseball Coin Banks keeps track of coins on a digital display.  This educational toy is great for children and fans of baseball.  You can choose between a Yankees Cap Bank and a Red Sox Cap Bank.  Financial responsibility needs to be taught at a young age.  Bridge fun with learning by using a cool electronic coin bank!


Educational toys come in all shapes and sizes.  Coin banks and bank toys might be the most vital toys on the market.  Money is involved in almost every facet of society.  Prepare your children for the future with our collection of ATM Banks, Cash Registers, and Coin Banks!


Educational Toys that Pack a Punch of Fun!

Double purpose items rule the world!  To be able to do two things at once is necessary to survive in the age of technology where short attention spans run amok.  As a result, fun and learning join forces to provide an efficient experience.  The pinnacle of this combination can be seen in our collection of Educational Toys!


Begin with your children and let them reap the benefits of a Zillionz Talking Cash Register!  A true workforce experience is possible.  Your child can scan barcodes, count money, and talk over the microphone.  Zillionz even has a toy cash register in pink, just in case you want to cater your little girl’s tastes.  This is the perfect developmental toy for children.  Kids toys that demand pretend-play enhance decision-making skills and encourage imagination.  It’s a no-brainer!


Chess is the ultimate thinking game!  Children and adults rack their brains over different strategies and moves to stay a step ahead of their opponent.  Train your brain with one of our Electronic Chess Sets that pits you against many difficulties and challenges.  For an on-the-go game, give the Einstein Touch Screen Chess a try.  There is an abundance of levels and computer challenges to give you a run for your money and train you to be a grandmaster.  Whether you want to play chess by your self or against a friend, we should have a chess set just for you!


Don’t waste your potential with toys that only offer entertainment for a limited amount of time!  Enhance your mind and develop life long skills with an Educational Toy!