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Laugh Out Loud with a Funny Costume!

Picture this. You’re out with your friends at a Halloween costume party. Your friends are all dressed up and you look awesome. You’ve been planning this costume for weeks, from colored shoes to coordinated wig. The lights are flashing, the bass is pounding, when suddenly you spot it. Right in the middle of the dance floor, the center of attention.

A dancing Whoopie Cushion Costume.

Adult Whoopee Cushion Costume

You know you want it.

Your drink falls from your hand, beer spilling across the dance floor. Your mouth drops. This undeniable costume has got you under its spell, like a fart-inspired siren leading you to a pink polyester doom. You know your destiny.

You must party with this whoopie cushion, party until you can party no more.

A Funny Costume has that effect on people. It captures all eyes and cracks smiles around the room. This Halloween is the perfect time to opt for an easy and hilarious funny costume.

If you’re in college, rocking a funny costume is a must. Funny outfits are perfect as college costumes for several reasons. They grab the spotlight and show everyone that you know how to laugh at yourself. People look at someone in a Fruit Costume and say, “Now there’s someone who knows how to have a good time!” Also, many of these Halloween costumes are easy one-piece outfits. Just put it on and head out the door. No muss, no fuss. It doesn’t get better than that. Add in the benefit of looking uniquely absurd and these silly college costumes will make you the life of the party!

Also, as an adult, you shouldn’t miss out on a chance to try an Offensive Costume. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Offensive? Why would I want to offend people?” Because it’s funny. That’s why. A little offense is key to humor. There’s a reason Barney isn’t known as a world-renowned comedian. Besides the fact that he’s a dinosaur. Shocking someone with a costume that’s a bit crass is utterly hilarious and a great conversation starter.

Even if you’re not into offensive humor, a Pun Costume might be right up your alley. English is full of great opportunities for a little punning. Show off your wordplay prowess in a clever pun costume and have everyone laughing.

Halloween is all about being goofy. On this day of all days, why be serious? Save your slacks and dresses for your next business meeting. You should grab all of your friends in a Group Funny Costume or go as a Funny Couples Costume. No matter how you do it, bust out a funny costume and let the fun begin!

Funny Costumes for Kids!

Kids love to laugh at and with each other!  That is a fact, and Halloween will be no different.  Sure, there might be a few scares squeezed in here and there, but for children, the night of fright is an adventure in entertainment.  Listen up for laughs, cries, shouts, and giggles with our Funny Costumes for kids!


Candy Costumes wrap your kids up in their favorite stomach stuffers!  Kids can choose between their favorite brands of candy!  We have M&M’s, Snickers, Skittles, Starburst, Twix, and Gumball Machine Costumes.  Every sweet between the rainbows is in our collection.  Prepare for a sweet tooth overload!  Candy costumes and funny costumes are synonymous, and they make perfect group costumes!


Game Costumes offer children entertainment and a plan b on Halloween!  Dress up in a Tic Tac Toe Costume or a checkers board costume if you’re tired of the same old scare and be scared routine.  Game costumes are hilarious and provide a great outlet from the hustle and bustle of trick-or-treating.  Video Game Costumes fall along the same lines.  Mario, Luigi, and Pac Man are icons in the gaming industry.  Suit up as one of them, but make sure you don’t actually eat a magical mushroom or chase after ghosts!


Halloween costumes should be funny!  This day gives everyone a chance to shed their old and boring skin and live a little more than usual.  Kids already know this.  Just sway them in the right direction with a Child Funny Costume!