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Flip the Script with a Pun Costume!

A pun is a form of word play where a word or phrase has more than one meaning.  When executed perfectly, puns can be funny, creative, and raunchy all at the same time. Costumes present the perfect opportunity to for the humor of puns to be embodied.  Explore the depths of everyone’s sense of humor with a Pun Costume!


Get your day started on the right foot with a Deviled Egg Costume!  Actually, a breakfast of champions with a penchant for the dark side may start you on the wrong foot, but it’s definitely a creative costume.  Food costumes present a slew of catchy puns.  The Totally Baked Potato and Couch Potato Costume are for the more laid people that have their own style of recreation.  The Blow Me Bubblegum and Suck Me Lollipop Costume are not for kids, but they are drop dead hilarious!  Funny costumes with an extra layer of meaning double up on the laughter!


The writing is on the wall and it’s not graffiti!  Sex is on everyone’s mind.  Pun costumes release that urge in a creative way.  The Choking the Chicken Costume signals a different kind of release, and the Morning Wood Costume would be a good pair for it.  Cause and effect relationships offer creative avenues for group costumes.  As for couple’s costumes, it doesn’t get any better than the Brick Layer and Brick House Costume.  There are way too many awesome pun costumes to name!


Join forces with another like-minded deviant or laugh yourself to death with a hilarious Pun Costume!

Think Right with a Vegetable Costume to Eat Right!

Nutrition month is still here!  You can’t run away from your bodily temple.  You have to face head on with a steady dose of dieting and exercise.  Nutrition Month’s 2012 motto is “Get your Plate in Shape!”  To honor their conviction, you should infuse that phrase into all facets of your life from your meals to even Halloween costumes.  Fill out your Halloween plate with a Vegetable Costume!


Potato Costumes keep the theme of vegetables and healthy eating on your mind.  It doesn’t matter if you want to dress up in a Baked Potato Costume or a Couch Potato Costume, either one is fine.  Keep vegetables fresh in your mind so that your plate will be well rounded!  For another shock to your system, try a Carrot Costume on for size.  It looks very appetizing.  Make sure you don’t bite yourself when the Halloween candy starts to run low!


Pea Costumes are a great way to program your children into eating their green vegetables!  Nutrition does not discriminate by age because everyone knows it’s an arduous process convincing kids that vegetables taste good.  Food costumes present a secret trick!  If the vegetable costume is cute and funny, they will love it, and they will be reminded of that feeling when dinnertime comes around.  Pumpkin Costumes are also great Halloween costumes.  Pumpkins are iconic Halloween images.  You might find one outside of every home on Halloween night!


Food Costumes have no comparison in terms of flexibility and variety!  Both boys and girls, alike, enjoy these costumes and they serve as great group costumes.  Narrow that category down to vegetable costumes, and now you have an added health bonus!

Funny Couples Costumes that Double the Fun!

Aw, Isn’t that sweet!  The couple wants to coordinate their Halloween costume and show up everyone else in attendance.  Matching costumes bode well for a relationship, but make sure you choose the right costumes because a clash of interests can lead to an avalanche.  Strike the biggest hurdle off the list and choose a universal genre: comedy!  Everyone likes to laugh, and you will too once you see our Funny Couples Costumes!


If anyone pulls your card on Halloween night, whip out an Adult Card Costume with your partner!  King of Hearts and Queen of Hearts Costumes are perfect matches.  It may be an arranged marriage, but they are royalty.  For a costume that loosens the mood, go for a stroll through our collection of Salt and Pepper Costumes.  Fiery couples with a combative passion will love the contrast that salt and pepper presents.  Either way, the choice you choose will shake to your own tune!


Drinking Costumes might be the best category for Couples Costume!  Our Beer Costumes come in all shapes and sizes.  Both men and women can dress as beer mugs, glasses, cans, bottles, kegs, and superheroes.  For the hard drinkers, tequila costumes and champagne costumes offer a trip on the wild side, and the selection doesn’t stop there.  Christianity is well represented with the Adam & Eve costume, while the Plug and Socket Costume brings back a modern day flavor.  Funny Costumes can now be shared between couples!


Wear a Funny Couples Costume, and show a sense of humor and respect for the special union you’ve made!

Turn Halloween Night into a Comedy with our Funny Group Costumes!

Everything is better in a group!  Crank your fun meter up ten notches by chasing the night with a group of friends.  Plan and coordinate a costume so all of you can match a certain theme.  The group chemistry that comes with matching costumes will outshine the disco lights at any party!  Take control and make a party of your own with a Funny Group Costume!


Conquer an empty stomach with a group Food Costume that is sure to bring endless hours of laughter.  There are so many different food groups to choose from.  You and your comrades can quench a sweet tooth in a Candy Costume.  Popular candy name brands are available as costumes such as Snickers, Starburst, and many more.  Mix up chocolate and taffy for a deadly combination.  Our Fruit Costume collection has a varied selection with different types of fruits that should align with the different personalities of the group.  From fast foods to breakfast foods, group Halloween costumes are an easy choice that will provide loads of excitement on Halloween night!


Today, a majority of our laughs come from television and the big screen.  Why fight the trend?  Celebrate a comedy classic with a Ghostbusters Costume.  Fight ghosts and save the day in a classic Ghostbusters jumpsuit and proton pack.  If that’s before your time, Jersey Shore Costumes will draw laughs for a list of reasons.  Whether you’re a fan of The Situation or Snooki, you wont be disappointed!  Other classic kids shows, movies, and cartoons are well represented in our collection of funny Halloween costumes.


Group costumes come in all shapes and size.  The choices may be overwhelming, but a laugh is always better between friends.  Guarantee yourself a night of spastic laughter with a Funny Group Costume!