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Funny Costumes for Kids!

Kids love to laugh at and with each other!  That is a fact, and Halloween will be no different.  Sure, there might be a few scares squeezed in here and there, but for children, the night of fright is an adventure in entertainment.  Listen up for laughs, cries, shouts, and giggles with our Funny Costumes for kids!


Candy Costumes wrap your kids up in their favorite stomach stuffers!  Kids can choose between their favorite brands of candy!  We have M&M’s, Snickers, Skittles, Starburst, Twix, and Gumball Machine Costumes.  Every sweet between the rainbows is in our collection.  Prepare for a sweet tooth overload!  Candy costumes and funny costumes are synonymous, and they make perfect group costumes!


Game Costumes offer children entertainment and a plan b on Halloween!  Dress up in a Tic Tac Toe Costume or a checkers board costume if you’re tired of the same old scare and be scared routine.  Game costumes are hilarious and provide a great outlet from the hustle and bustle of trick-or-treating.  Video Game Costumes fall along the same lines.  Mario, Luigi, and Pac Man are icons in the gaming industry.  Suit up as one of them, but make sure you don’t actually eat a magical mushroom or chase after ghosts!


Halloween costumes should be funny!  This day gives everyone a chance to shed their old and boring skin and live a little more than usual.  Kids already know this.  Just sway them in the right direction with a Child Funny Costume!

Never Say Never: You Can’t Go Wrong with a Justin Bieber Wig and Justin Beaver!

Bieber fever is running rampant!  Today is Justin Bieber’s 18th birthday, and teenage girls all across the globe are foaming at the mouth for just one chance to meet the pop sensation.  Up close and personal would be a dream come true, but he’s a very busy young man that won’t be able to meet every adoring fan.  Instead, you can cure Bieber fever by picking up Justin Beaver !

Couldn’t get a ticket to Justin Bieber’s latest concert?  Don’t worry Cuddle Barn has got you covered.  The performance comes to you but in the form of Justin Beaver.  Get a taste of all the vocals, moves, and pure brilliance of the Prince of Pop by picking up this animated plush that’s beyond cute.  Apply pressure to his foot, stand back, and enjoy a show that will be impossible to top.  The hit song, “Baby”, is the song of choice and the beaver has all the right moves to go with it.  Kids, adult, and any fans of the pop superstar will enjoy this musical toy!  Even Kelly Ripa approves of the toy!


If that’s not enough, check out our Justin Bieber Wig!  Kids can prance around as their favorite entertainer and sing their favorite Bieber tracks until they pass out from pure satisfaction.  Add the right clothes, and you’ll create the perfect Justin Bieber Costume for Halloween!  What are you waiting for?


Justin Bieber is here to stay!  Gather everything you can to prove that you are a true fan.  Start off with Justin Beaver and the Justin Bieber wig, and you’ll be on the right track!  Happy birthday Justin!