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Replenish your Energy with a Food Costume!

Amidst the back and forth party parade on Halloween, you’ll eventually wear yourself out.  The sugar will wear off, your legs will get tired from dancing and trick-or-treating, and, if you’re drinking alcohol, you might get dehydrated.  Remember to keep yourself nourished and full of energy by dressing up in a Food Costume!


Your daily reminder to eat your fruits and vegetables does not have to come from your mother’s mouth.  Keep the healthy foods in mind with a Fruit Costume or Vegetable Costume!  Banana Costumes, Apple Costumes, you name it we got it.  You can dress down as your favorite fruit with a group of friends.  Balance your diet with style, but don’t forget about your vegetables.  The Pea Costumes and Carrot Costumes are colorful and cute.  A Chili Pepper Costume will spice up your night, and a Pumpkin Costume puts legs on a Halloween staple.  Create the healthiest group costume possible!


The healthy foods are stressed because you have to balance out all of your fast foods!  Pizza Costumes are cool, funny, and might make your stomach growl.  These pepperonis aren’t real, but they look good enough to eat.  Hot Dog Costumes have layered designs and layers of innuendos, while the Taco Costumes are stuffed with everything you need to cross the border.  Fast food costumes possess all of the same qualities as their edible counterparts!


Reboot for part two of your Halloween journey or maintain your head of steam with a Food Costume!

Make the Extra Pass in a Group Sports Costume!

Camaraderie and trust are two vital characteristics that every team must have to succeed!  When each member of the collective group carries out their designated function in unison with the rest of the teammates, legend and championship glory follow soon after.  This applies to more than just sports.  Throughout life, you will come across situations that follow this same skeleton.  Even Halloween costumes need some direction at times.  Coordinate victory on Halloween night with a Group Sports Costume!


Testosterone takes the wrong turn in our collection of Sexy Sports Costumes!  Choose your favorite pastime and spice it up with a sexy uniform.  Sexy football costumes trade in the helmet and the pads for a tight skirt and a tight top, while the sexy baseball costumes will have others trying to reach a different 3rd base.  Hard hits to the heart are in store with the sexy boxer costume.  Each category offers a great variety.  You and a group of friends can create a revolutionary football or baseball team.  The same goes for boxing.  Pick a foe and dress accordingly.  Where would the sport be without rivalries?  Group costumes will win you the game!


Basketball Costumes are funny and easy to coordinate!  Dress up as your favorite sports hero Jackie Moon in a Semi Pro Costume, or celebrate a historic team with a Harlem Globetrotters Costume.  Grab a friend and introduce Jackie Moon to a Globetrotter.  Teamwork will be flashy and funny.  Basketball is a game of momentum, and the Globetrotters wouldn’t be as exciting if it wasn’t for the cheers and adulation.  Sexy Cheerleader Costumes should do the trick.  If you ever wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, this is your chance!


Show your team spirit on Halloween by creating a Group Sports Costume!

For the 4 F’s to Choose a Great Child Costume!

There are 4 days left until Halloween so it’s only right that I introduce you to the 4 keys to a good night.  Otherwise known as the 4 F’s or the 4 Factors, these tips can insure that your child has a great Halloween.  Follow at least two of these rules and you’re child is in for one heck of a night.  Each tip is helpful, and they all surround our collection of Halloween Costumes!


The first key is Fun!  The sole purpose of Halloween is for children to have fun.  Trick-or-Treating covers some of that, but the costumes are the catalysts.  Funny Costumes are fun to the core!  Money, crayons, games, and roach costumes are just some of the interesting choices.  The Child Chick Magnet Costume is sure to cause gut-busting laughter along with the rest of the collection.  Fun can also be found in the Girl Dress Up Costumes that will make your little girl’s dreams come true.  Kids Celebrity Costumes do the same job and lets them play the role of an entertainer they aspire to be.  Fun is found everywhere!


Fright and Food are the next two F’s.  They’re straightforward.  Frightening decorations and costumes are a staple of Halloween.  Child Scary Costumes have all the classic monsters, ghosts, and horror movie icons.  Michael Myers and Leatherface can now square off to see who’s top dog!  The Food key alludes to driving force for a perfect Halloween for kids: candy.  Food Costumes are fun to look at and even more fun to wear, while Candy Costumes tickle that sweet tooth and directs your child’s urge to go from house to house.


The last F is Fuzz.  Yes, Fuzz!  It’s a wildcard.  If the candy is not flowing, scares are minimal, and fun is dwindling, Fuzz is the last hope.  Have you ever wondered why people like to pet animals?  It’s because they look and feel nice.  A Child Animal Costume will draw attention and spectators.  Tails are fuzzy and fur is fuzzy.  The same goes for the big puffed up skirts and dresses on Child Disney Costumes.  Everything has a purpose!


Keep these 4 Factors in mind and the Halloween Costume you choose will be the right one!

Halloween is Near: 5 Types of Halloween Costumes and 5 Days Left

5 days till Halloween and you still don’t have a costume?  That’s a tragedy, a travesty, and normal.  Last minute decisions are common.  What isn’t common is a last minute bailout.  In honor of the 5-day countdown, here are 5 types of Halloween Costumes you should be on the lookout for!


Halloween has evolved from an all out fright fest to a witch’s brew of sexy, cute, and scary.  Monster High Costumes combine cute and scary to form the ultimate outfit for young girls.  They are the daughters of classic monsters such as Frankenstein and Dracula.  Halloween tradition is well preserved with these girl costumes.  Another option for group costumes are Crayola Crayon Costumes.  Crayon Costumes accommodate all ages and genders.  Different colors offer a varied selection and lessen the stress of coordinating a group costume.  The same goes for Candy Costumes.  From sweets to chocolates, Candy Costumes have enough variation to bring back the joy of a kid walking in a candy shop!


Pun Costumes are geared towards adults.  They are witty, funny, clever, sometimes offensive, and all of the above.  You won’t be considered the missing link when you put on the Big Foot Costume, pregnancy will not be an issue with the Bun in the Oven Costume, and…I think you get the picture!  These costumes straddle that fine line, but the Leg Avenue Costumes cross that line without hesitation.  They’re sexy, seductive, and all leg.  Shorts skirts and tight clothes define this section.  If anything, you’ll be able to catch a cab!


There you go!  These are 5 types of costumes that should stir the pot.  Do yourself a favor and pick up one of these Halloween Costumes.  Time is running out!

So Many Choices, So Little Time: Halloween Costumes that Solve a Good Problem

What is Halloween all about?  Not one specific characteristic defines Halloween.  Okay, maybe fear factors into it, but over the years costumes have represented subjects from all over the spectrum: funny, sexy, weird, political.  The list goes on and on.  With that said, there are so many choices to choose from and Halloween is right around the corner and down the block from Elm Street.  Take a second to pick out something that suits you from our collection of Halloween Costumes.


Halloween spirit is instilled at an early age.  Child Costumes should be at the top of the list.  Your child can go scheming for candy in whatever costume they can think of.  Animal Costumes, TV Costumes, Career Costumes, Celebrity Costumes, and more are available options for your child.  Just lean towards their interests, and Halloween should be one of the better nights of their year!


Although the kids always come first, the grown ups rule the nighttime!  Sexy Costumes span the gamut by running from seductive to sexy; not much difference, but there’s no need.  Skirts, stockings, and all different kinds of colorful tops to represent different characters and roles are available.  There is no limit to how sexy a costume can get!  For a society deeply ingrained in pop culture fandom, Movie Costumes are an essential part of Halloween.  Everyone wants to be recognized, and everyone wants to recognize others.  That is more than possible under the guise of an action hero or cartoon character.  You can also stand out for other reasons in a Funny Costume.  A good laugh can change a whole night!


With Halloween quickly approaching, think about what your place is in the grand scheme of the night.  Do you want to have fun and make a lasting impression on everyone you come across?  If yes, check out our collection of Halloween Costumes!

Turn Halloween Night into a Comedy with our Funny Group Costumes!

Everything is better in a group!  Crank your fun meter up ten notches by chasing the night with a group of friends.  Plan and coordinate a costume so all of you can match a certain theme.  The group chemistry that comes with matching costumes will outshine the disco lights at any party!  Take control and make a party of your own with a Funny Group Costume!


Conquer an empty stomach with a group Food Costume that is sure to bring endless hours of laughter.  There are so many different food groups to choose from.  You and your comrades can quench a sweet tooth in a Candy Costume.  Popular candy name brands are available as costumes such as Snickers, Starburst, and many more.  Mix up chocolate and taffy for a deadly combination.  Our Fruit Costume collection has a varied selection with different types of fruits that should align with the different personalities of the group.  From fast foods to breakfast foods, group Halloween costumes are an easy choice that will provide loads of excitement on Halloween night!


Today, a majority of our laughs come from television and the big screen.  Why fight the trend?  Celebrate a comedy classic with a Ghostbusters Costume.  Fight ghosts and save the day in a classic Ghostbusters jumpsuit and proton pack.  If that’s before your time, Jersey Shore Costumes will draw laughs for a list of reasons.  Whether you’re a fan of The Situation or Snooki, you wont be disappointed!  Other classic kids shows, movies, and cartoons are well represented in our collection of funny Halloween costumes.


Group costumes come in all shapes and size.  The choices may be overwhelming, but a laugh is always better between friends.  Guarantee yourself a night of spastic laughter with a Funny Group Costume!