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Put on your Best Poker Face in a Lady Gaga Costume!

Lady Gaga has transcended other artists in the music industry with her bizarre sense of style.  Electric hairstyles and eccentric outfits have defined her career and created a legion of fans. If you’re a fan of Lady Gaga or just interested in standing out in the crowd, take a look at our Lady Gaga Costumes!


Lady Gaga Wigs are visual and varied!  For a wig more refreshing than a caffeinated beverage, try out the Lady Gaga Soda Can Wig.  This wig features soda cans wrapped in blonde locks.  The Lady Gaga Soda Can Wig is inspired by her Telephone music video and will be the zaniest wigs this Halloween.  The Lady Gaga Straight Wig with Bangs goes for a sleek look that will enhance your Poker Face.  If you enjoyed Ms. Gaga’s hairstyle at the MTV Music Awards then you’ll love the Lady Gaga Curly Blonde/ Pink Wig, but if pink is not your shade, the Lady Gaga Blonde/ Yellow Wig may be more to your liking.  Lady Gaga’s combination of wigs present exciting choices!


Wigs complete the costume, but where’s your base?  The Lady Gaga Black Sequin Dress Costume will transform you into the twisted pop sensation.  Along with the black sequin dress, the costume includes a chic coordinated mask to add to your warped appearance.  Masks are cool, but sometimes glasses do the trick.  Lady Gaga Glasses have a stylized GAGA print with enough space in between the letters to see where you’re going.  Unite these Lady Gaga parts with a wig and be the star of your own Halloween!


Just dance and have fun on Halloween night with a poker face in a Lady Gaga Costume.