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“Must be Italian”: A Christmas Story Costumes for Halloween

Add some Christmas spirit to any Halloween party!  The classic holiday movie, A Christmas Story, brought forth wild and crazy scenarios that are perfect for the thrilling and provocative nature of Halloween.  Pay homage to the movie with our collection of A Christmas Story Costumes!


Stand out with a Pink Bunny Suit!  Little Ralphie’s embarrassment was just fiction.  That was a movie, but suit up in this bunny costume on Halloween and you’ll be the spoon that stirs the punch!  Hop, dance, or just pose, it doesn’t matter, the bunny suit is an automatic crowd favorite and should lead to an eventful night.  If that’s too bright for you, try the Wooden Crate Costume.  This Halloween costume is a reminder of the famous fragile-Italian shtick from Ralphie’s father.  It’s a simple, yet funny costume that is a hilarious reminder of a classic sequence.


The most memorable part of A Christmas Story might be the leg lamp.  Ralphie’s father shook up the whole neighborhood when he unveiled his living room curtains.  Ladies, you too can have the same effect if you put on the Leg Lamp Costume.  Show off your legs and light up the dance floor with this unique costume that should draw the spotlight towards you!


All of these costumes can definitely be coordinated into a group costume.  For decades, A Christmas Story has provided gallons of laughs, and now the classic movie will fuel comedic energy into Halloween night with its selection of beyond funny costumes.