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Outdoor Toys for the 4th of July!

July 4th is right around the corner. That means fireworks, backyard barbecues, and an excuse to get your little one an awesome Outdoor Toy!

Outdoor toys are the stuff that childhood summer memories are made of. They are the sticky glue that binds the grand tapestry of backyard adventures. Who doesn’t remember having fun as a kid soaking a sibling with a water gun or chasing down the neighborhood cat with a water balloon? What childhood is complete without a tree swing or a tiny trampoline? All of these items call children everywhere out to play, out into a world of limitless possibilities.

This season, help give your kids something to remember with an Outdoor Game or Lawn Game. Many of these games involve an element of competition, perfect for siblings who need to get their energy out in a fun way and have a good time together. From badminton to volleyball, an active game is a great way to enjoy the summer sun. Get the whole family involved for an excellent way to bond and show off your sporty outdoor skills.

For little ones a bit too young and uncoordinated for sports or games, a Child Playhouse or KidKraft Sandbox is a sure fire way to get them out of the house and into the backyard. Tiny tots will love playing pretend in their very own house or digging around in a colorful sandbox. These toys will help them use their imagination and get exercise in a totally fun way.

A kid who lives for the thrill of the road will love a new bike, scooter, or pogo stick. These active toys don’t require assembly or siblings to have a crazy good time. We even have Child Stilts.  What a wacky way to spend a sunny afternoon!

So while you’re out with your family in this sun this Fourth of July, think about how much fun you could have with a cool outdoor toy. For just a little money, you can help make memories that will last forever.

Breathe in the Fresh Air and Play with our Outdoor Games!

The clouds are parting to reveal a bright ray of sunshine that will save us from the harsh winter weather!  Leaves and trees will be colored green.  The sound of kids playing in the park will be your background music.  It sounds so tempting!  You must prepare for fresh air fun with our collection of Outdoor Games!


There’s nothing like an open field.  It’s just a world of opportunity right in front of you.  Take advantage of the space with our Toy Bow and Arrows!  Enact aerial warfare on your friends with a toy weapon that covers a generous amount of ground, and sticks to surfaces.  War heroes will be born when your children enhance these outdoor toys with their imaginations.  Get fresh air and move those legs with these awesome kids toys!


For the younger children, our KidKraft Sandboxes will eat up all of their free time!  Step up your child’s leisure time with a backyard sandbox or sand boat with all of the shovels and buckets a kid could hope for.  Backyard Zip Lines might be the ultimate outdoor game.  Both Indiana Jones and George of the Jungle started out on zip lines, and now look at them.  They’re household names who embraced adventure.  Don’t limit your child’s fun!


Playing catch can get a little tedious!  Spice up the fun with some of our unique Outdoor Games!