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Kids Tents and Tunnels for Indoor Fun!

If you’re in certain parts of the world, the weather isn’t exactly ideal yet.  Even if a day looks perfect–with the sun shining in a cloudless sky, it may still be terribly cold.  This means outdoor play is limited to winter related games like sledding and skating.  But indoor play is unlimited!  And your kids will love playing around in one of our Kids Tents or Kids Tunnels.

Your kid’s imagination is sparked by one of these colorful and fun kids tents.  Click here to check out some super cool play tents.  The one pictured here looks just like an adorable ladybug.  This Ladybug Tent will become a beloved part of your home and then your backyard when it gets warmer out.

Add to the magic of a kid’s tent with one of these awesome kids tunnels!  Either with a tent or on its own, the kids tunnels will inspire plenty of fun.  Not only do the adventure tunnels feature vibrant colors, they are frequently designed to look like adorable animals like Butterflies or Bumble Bees.

So, spruce up your home with these nifty kids tents and tunnels when the weather prevents you from enjoying the great outdoors.  Your kids will love it and it lets them be active, while also avoiding cabin fever.  And when the weather warms up, take the play tents and hide and seek tunnels outside for all the more fun!

Outdoor Toys for the 4th of July!

July 4th is right around the corner. That means fireworks, backyard barbecues, and an excuse to get your little one an awesome Outdoor Toy!

Outdoor toys are the stuff that childhood summer memories are made of. They are the sticky glue that binds the grand tapestry of backyard adventures. Who doesn’t remember having fun as a kid soaking a sibling with a water gun or chasing down the neighborhood cat with a water balloon? What childhood is complete without a tree swing or a tiny trampoline? All of these items call children everywhere out to play, out into a world of limitless possibilities.

This season, help give your kids something to remember with an Outdoor Game or Lawn Game. Many of these games involve an element of competition, perfect for siblings who need to get their energy out in a fun way and have a good time together. From badminton to volleyball, an active game is a great way to enjoy the summer sun. Get the whole family involved for an excellent way to bond and show off your sporty outdoor skills.

For little ones a bit too young and uncoordinated for sports or games, a Child Playhouse or KidKraft Sandbox is a sure fire way to get them out of the house and into the backyard. Tiny tots will love playing pretend in their very own house or digging around in a colorful sandbox. These toys will help them use their imagination and get exercise in a totally fun way.

A kid who lives for the thrill of the road will love a new bike, scooter, or pogo stick. These active toys don’t require assembly or siblings to have a crazy good time. We even have Child Stilts.  What a wacky way to spend a sunny afternoon!

So while you’re out with your family in this sun this Fourth of July, think about how much fun you could have with a cool outdoor toy. For just a little money, you can help make memories that will last forever.

Fly Through the Air with a Zip Line for Kids!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s your child on a super cool Zip Line for Kids!

It's just as fun as it looks!

We all know how hard it is to get kids to go outside and play these days. From video games to TV shows, there’s no limit to electronic indoor distractions that will keep your little one parked firmly on the couch. How can the beauty of nature compare to an HD movie in 3D? My advice: turn your backyard from “blah” to “a-ha!” with a kids zip line.

Zip lines are the latest trend in awesome Outdoor Toys. The concept is simple. String the sturdy line up between two trees in the backyard or some other support, grab the handles, and zip away! No one can resist the urge to swing through the air on their very own zip line.  It’s a toy that will have all the kids in the neighborhood begging to give it a try.

Not only are they fun, zip lines are also great exercise. They build arm strength and coordination. Your little girl or boy will love swinging through the backyard and you’ll love this healthy alternative to hours in front of a computer or TV screen. Everybody wins!

At Fantasy Toyland, we have three different types of zip lines so you can find one perfect for your budget and needs. Also, you can place the zip line at the height you deem appropriate. As the child ages, move the zip line up the tree for a more daring zipping adventure. We even have a backyard zip line that can hold up to 250 pounds, that way adults can get their zip on too!

Don’t let the warm weather pass without letting your kids (or yourself) have fun on a cool zip line. This amazing toy will be the start of great summer memories you and your children will have forever!

Breathe in the Fresh Air and Play with our Outdoor Games!

The clouds are parting to reveal a bright ray of sunshine that will save us from the harsh winter weather!  Leaves and trees will be colored green.  The sound of kids playing in the park will be your background music.  It sounds so tempting!  You must prepare for fresh air fun with our collection of Outdoor Games!


There’s nothing like an open field.  It’s just a world of opportunity right in front of you.  Take advantage of the space with our Toy Bow and Arrows!  Enact aerial warfare on your friends with a toy weapon that covers a generous amount of ground, and sticks to surfaces.  War heroes will be born when your children enhance these outdoor toys with their imaginations.  Get fresh air and move those legs with these awesome kids toys!


For the younger children, our KidKraft Sandboxes will eat up all of their free time!  Step up your child’s leisure time with a backyard sandbox or sand boat with all of the shovels and buckets a kid could hope for.  Backyard Zip Lines might be the ultimate outdoor game.  Both Indiana Jones and George of the Jungle started out on zip lines, and now look at them.  They’re household names who embraced adventure.  Don’t limit your child’s fun!


Playing catch can get a little tedious!  Spice up the fun with some of our unique Outdoor Games!

Sail the Skies with a Backyard Zip Line!

Summertime is different for everyone!  The thought of the hot season can spark memories of cookouts and sleep away camps.  On the downside, most adult still have to work so the only thing that changes for them is the weather.  However, children see opportunity and adventure.  Enhance their free time with a Zip Line!


Backyard Zip Lines open up a whole new world of opportunity for fun!  Trade in the make shift swing and the truck tire for an adventurous outdoor toy that will get your child pumped.  The Fun Ride Zip Line is good for hours of fresh air fun.  Hook up the cables between two trees and your child can relive their favorite action adventure movie.  The thrill of zipping down the trolley ride is unmatched.  It feels like you have a roller coaster in your backyard!  Sports are always productive, but sometimes kids need a change of pace activity to keep that spark of life ignited!


For the next Indiana Jones in training, the Deluxe Fun Ride Zip Line is the right choice!  Twice as long as its predecessor, this kids zip line provides twice the fun.  What child wouldn’t enjoy a taste of flight at daredevil heights?  Playing outdoors doesn’t get much more fun than that, unless you want to crank the distance up a notch.  For 90 feet of gliding cable give the Super Z Zip Line a gander.  Match your child’s tank of energy with a home zip line!


Every kid dreams of going on an adventurous journey that rivals the greatest tales and movies!  Keep your children occupied, and encourage them to follow their dreams with a Backyard Zip Line!

Catch Spring Fever with a Novelty Toy!

Winter is almost over!  The sun is setting later and later each day, and you’ve probably dropped a layer of clothing already.  Soon enough, snowball fights and ice-skating will be a memory, but you have spring to look forward to!  Get ready for the new season with our Novelty Toys!


Capture an authentic spring or summertime experience with our Butterfly in a Jar Collection!  Choose between yellow, pink, blue, or orange.  A fluttering butterfly of your liking can be in the palm of your hands.  Take away the hassle of finding and catching these beautiful creatures.  If you’re not a fan of butterflies, a firefly can be within your grasp.  The Firefly in a Jar series comes in different colors and produces an amazing visual display.  Choose a bug that makes you happy, and fly away in the serene breezes of the spring!


An open field presents many opportunities!  Create spring warfare with a Marshmallow Shooter.  We have a vast selection of these toy weapons and they come in different designs.  Kids can shoot marshmallows from long distance and eat the ammo if they choose.  It’s safer and more fun than roasting marshmallows over a campfire.  The days of the bow and arrow are dead.  Edible projectiles take a step in the right direction!


There’s a number of Novelty Toys that can provide instant and endless entertainment for kids!  Pry your children’s eyes away from the computer screen and let them get some fresh air.  Outdoor toys are making a comeback so you can enjoy the upcoming good weather!