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Pack a Potassium Punch with a Banana Costume!

“An apple keeps the doctor away!”  You’ve heard this a million times a kid.  Everyday, your mother surprised you with a crunch granny smith, but once in a while she switched it up.  On that rare day, you were treated to a handful of potassium with a fresh banana.  The peeling, the biting, the disposal; everything about it was just right.  Relive the experience of indulging in that special fruit that might’ve been more fun to play with than eat.  Be brazen this Halloween and take a look at our collection of Banana Costumes!


Banana Costumes are classic, and fun on so many levels.  Adults, toddlers, teens, and children can all be bananas.  Appropriate fits are available for most shapes and sizes.  We even have a Plus Size Banana Costume for the bigger trick-or-treaters.  It’s lightweight and will probably reign supreme over the rest of the fruit costumes.


The Peeled Banana Costumes offer up a different look!  Reveal the top of your banana in this costume that peels down to your torso.  Everyone from babies to adults can enjoy this uncovered look.  For the women, the Banana Hat is the perfect addition to your outfit.  This cute hat will put you in the dancing mood and have you doing the cha-cha in no time.  These Halloween Banana costumes are sure to provide a night of fun!


Represent a food group with a fruit Halloween costume that will stand out above the pack.  Banana Costumes are just what the doctor ordered!