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Cooking Up Fun with Pretend Play Kitchens

With shows like The Taste and anything on Food Network, cooking is more popular than ever.  Let your kid take part in the zeitgeist with one of our toy kitchens.  Click here to check out the coolest pretend play kitchen ever, because there’s definitely one that’s perfect for your kid.  No matter you or your kid’s style, there’s a toy kitchen out there for him or her.


KidKraft Retro Toy Kitchen

A toy retro kitchen offers real contemporary fun.

KidKraft Toy Kitchens happen to be extra adorable.  This pretend play toy will be instantly adored by your little one.  Plus, you have the option of making this a personalized toy, so it’s all the more special.  Imagine your kid’s name proudly displayed on a Red Vintage Toy Kitchen, click here to check that style out.  That particular style is good evidence that the kids kitchen can be a unisex toy.  Why can’t boys play with toy kitchens?  No reason!  Why should they?  Mario Batali, Bobby Flay, and Anthony Bourdain.  Plus, cooking is a good hobby to get into, just for a good quality of life.

Besides the KidKraft Toy Kitchens, there are plenty of other super fun and awesome looking ones.  This Maxim Toy Kitchen Center has all the necessary pretend play fun in a compact space.  You have the pretend microwave, the stove, the little sink, and the oven that’s perfect for all your kid’s imaginary food needs.

And when you add the toy kitchen accessories to any pretend play kitchen set, you really have the perfect recipe for fun.  Get your little one’s culinary life off on the right start with a toy kitchen!

Kids can Run the Household with a Toy Dollhouse!

The torturous part of being a child is the lack of control!  The world is big, and their tiny bodies, along with their minds, haven’t developed yet.  That’s why children cherish toys because they can turn the wheel whichever way they want.  Boost your children’s confidence in handling big projects by giving them their own ToyDollhouse!


An Educo Bamboo Dollhouse puts a whole new world in your child’s hands!  A Furnished Bamboo Dollhouse comes with all of the amenities that fill out a home.  Furniture, shelves, decorations, tables, and other decorations fill up the house.  To transform that house into a home, a happy family of five is included.  On top of that, the house has a cool modern design that will make any interior designer jealous.  If your child already has the ingredients for a home and only needs the house, then go for the unfurnished version.  The same goes for the All Season Dollhouse collection, except the family is not included.  Educo prepares your child with a chic style that’s unmatched!


KidKraft Dollhouse is an awesome gift for a little girl!  These dollhouses have multiple levels and sport cute designs that will look great in any child’s room.  Check out the KidKraft Savannah Dollhouse for some Southern comfort.  Everything she could ever want in a house and more come with these state of the art play homes.  Kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, you name it these dollhouses have it!


Pretend play toys can enhance a child’s imagination to greater heights and give them the self-confidence to succeed sooner than later!  Improve your child’s temperament and allow them to have fun playing with a dollhouse!