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Look Irresistible in a Sexy Costume this Halloween!

Sexy costumes for women have gotten a bad rap. Ever since the blockbuster Mean Girls plainly proclaimed that Halloween is just an excuse for girls to dress scantily, people have been seriously hating on this time-honored tradition. “Sexy costumes are inappropriate,” they say. “You should dress like a nun, you dirty heathen,” they say. But you know what? Enough is enough. This Halloween, all ladies should grab a super hot costume and strut their stuff, no matter what the haters say.

Playboy Sexy Cat Costume


Here at Fantasy Toyland, we know that women want to look sexy on the holidays and that’s how we like it. That’s why we’ve got lots of sexy costume ideas that will help them do just that. On the topic of Mean Girls, remember how Regina George and crew all dressed up as animals and looked super cute? We’ve got Sexy Animal Costumes that will help you get a look just as hot. We’ve got classic Sexy Cat Costumes and Bunny Halloween Costumes that will have everyone chasing your tail.

If animals aren’t the look you want, try a Sexy Classic Costume. There are witches, pirates, and nymphs that will make your Halloween outfit just racy enough. There are so many options and you can pick one that perfectly matches your personality. How about a sexy angel costume? It’ll will have everyone saying “Hallelujah!” You’ll look absolutely heavenly.

If you like pop music, you’ll freak over a Lady Gaga Costume or a Katy Perry Costume. Perry’s new movie Katy Perry: Part of Me will make these costumes a hot commodity. You’ll be a hot commodity too if you dress up as the spunky California girl for Halloween.

Sexy costumes, much like funny costumes, are also great college costumes. You’re young and everybody knows you look good so show it off! A high hemline and a pair of heels is sure to grab the attention of that cutie from your English seminar at your next college costume party.

At the end of the day, dressing in a sexy costume isn’t inappropriate. And anyone who thinks so should keep their patriarchal ideas about women’s wholesomeness to themselves.  Sexy costumes are awesome. Ladies, look smoking this Halloween with a sexy adult costume. You go girl.

Spice up the Workplace with a Sexy Career Costume!

Choosing a career can be a heavy process!  Not every job is glamorous, and most jobs aren’t easy.  Everything seems peachy as a child but it soon goes sour as the bills start to come in.  At that point, you need an escape.  Halloween is just that day.  Follow your interests and make any job attractive with a Sexy Career Costume!


The blood and surgery of a hospital unit will be the last thought on your mind when you catch sight of a Sexy Doctor Costume!  Dress up as a sexy nurse, doctor, or surgeon to become every patient’s dieing dream.  There will be a line of people outside the building waiting for a checkup.  You will be just what the doctor ordered.  Firefighting is another tough occupation that’s now been spiced up.  Control the fire in your relationship with a Sexy Firefighter Costume that makes house calls of a different kind.  Halloween is a night of fantasy.  Live out the story you desire!


Halloween can also be a night of mischief!  Control the flow of crime in Sexy Police Cop Costume!  Apprehending a suspect will not be an issue with these sexy costumes.  Criminals might come in search of you as a sexy cop, SWAT team member, or lieutenant.  To experience the other side, slip into a Sexy Gangster Costume.  The straight and narrow is not for everyone.  Show off your bad side in a Mafia or Hoodlum Costume!  A full night of fun is always around the corner when strut your stuff in a Career Costume!


Halloween allows you to live out any kind of experience you want in a single night!  You won’t be able to take it all the way, but you will get a taste with a Career Costume.  Sometimes, that’s all we need!

For Guaranteed Beads, Wear a Mardi Gras Costume!

Fat Tuesday is right around the corner!  Gear up for a series of celebrations that will change the way you party.  Mardi Gras is fun, free-spirited, and full of people that want to release stress in the most enjoyable way possible.  Kick the festivities up another couple of notches and turn any party out with a Mardi Gras Costume!


Mardi Gras Costumes are grand and sexy!  Which side will you fall on?  Define elegance with a Mardi Gras Confetti Costume.  It covers more of your body than people are used to at Mardi Gras, but it can work to your favor.  In these elegant party costumes, you’ll stand out and be looked at above everyone else.  Walk tall with your chin up and embrace the dignity that drives your character!  For those in a relationship or just partners in crime, look towards the Mardi Gras Confetti Suit for men and Mardi Gras two-piece outfit for women.  No other couples costume will garner more attention during the raucous celebration.  If the former doesn’t quite fit your tastes, a Sexy Mardi Gras Costume should do the trick!  Beads will definitely be at a premium once you wear this sexy costume!


What separates Mardi Gras from everything else are the party favors and masks!  Many things happen at Mardi Gras.  The Gold Comedy Halloween Mask is a cool face cover that should make you stand out in a packed crowd.  These Mardi Gras masks (among other assets) should help you get as many beads as possible.  However, if the night is slow, use our Party Beads as a backup plan.  Nothing will be able to spoil your night!


Don’t let your celebrations go to waste!  Party through the night with a Mardi Gras Costume!

Halloween is Near: 5 Types of Halloween Costumes and 5 Days Left

5 days till Halloween and you still don’t have a costume?  That’s a tragedy, a travesty, and normal.  Last minute decisions are common.  What isn’t common is a last minute bailout.  In honor of the 5-day countdown, here are 5 types of Halloween Costumes you should be on the lookout for!


Halloween has evolved from an all out fright fest to a witch’s brew of sexy, cute, and scary.  Monster High Costumes combine cute and scary to form the ultimate outfit for young girls.  They are the daughters of classic monsters such as Frankenstein and Dracula.  Halloween tradition is well preserved with these girl costumes.  Another option for group costumes are Crayola Crayon Costumes.  Crayon Costumes accommodate all ages and genders.  Different colors offer a varied selection and lessen the stress of coordinating a group costume.  The same goes for Candy Costumes.  From sweets to chocolates, Candy Costumes have enough variation to bring back the joy of a kid walking in a candy shop!


Pun Costumes are geared towards adults.  They are witty, funny, clever, sometimes offensive, and all of the above.  You won’t be considered the missing link when you put on the Big Foot Costume, pregnancy will not be an issue with the Bun in the Oven Costume, and…I think you get the picture!  These costumes straddle that fine line, but the Leg Avenue Costumes cross that line without hesitation.  They’re sexy, seductive, and all leg.  Shorts skirts and tight clothes define this section.  If anything, you’ll be able to catch a cab!


There you go!  These are 5 types of costumes that should stir the pot.  Do yourself a favor and pick up one of these Halloween Costumes.  Time is running out!