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Calling All Smurfs and Smurfettes: Your Costumes are Here!

The Smurfs, once a classic cartoon, is now a summer-hit movie.  Join in on The Smurf craze by looking at some our Smurf Costumes and Masks!


If you enjoyed all the adventures of the Smurfs, you’re going to love their costumes.  For the infants, we have full body costumes; Smurf’d out from head to toe.  The Baby Smurf Costume includes the classic white droopy Smurf hat with a blue shirt and white pants.  Create a colony of Smurfs with this costume!  For the little girls, we have a Baby Smurfette Costume with all the essential Smurf features but also with a white Smurf dress.  These costumes are perfect for groups of infants.  You can build your own Smurf family!


For the Adults, Smurf Masks are in high demand.  The Adult Brainy Smurf Mask pays homage to Brainy Smurf and caters to all the bookworms.  The mask comes with glasses and a know-it-all attitude.  Grouchy Smurf’s disdain for everything comes through perfectly in the Adult Grouchy Smurf Mask.  His scowl is detailed on the mask perfectly and is ideal for anyone who has a bone to pick with anything.  The Grand Poobah of them all, Papa Smurf, is replicated with the Adult Papa Smurf Mask that comes with his wise beard and red droopy hat so everyone else knows that you’re the village elder.  Use these three masks to form a dynamic trio of Smurfs!


Grab your friends and relive your favorite childhood cartoon with these Smurf Costumes and put a different spin on being blue in the face!