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Don’t Trick! Choose Treat and Dress up in a Tootsie Roll Costume!

These days every candy is the same as the next and a rip off of the last.  Bright and colorful wrappers can only get you so far, and there is a limit to how sour a piece of gum can get.  Sometimes it’s best to enjoy a taste of the old days.  A bite into the forefather of all sweets can send shivers down your spine and give you flashbacks of your first chewy bite.  Interested?  Check out our Tootsie Roll Costumes!


Tootsie Roll Costumes are the cream of the crop!  In a day where everything reminds of you something else, they’re one of a kind and a classic.  The Adult Tootsie Roll Costume has a million things going for it, but here are two: it’s the most recognizable candy costume and it’s funny!  A grown man or woman wrapped up from top to bottom as a giant piece of candy breaks the holy comedy grail!


The Baby Tootsie Roll Costume is two teaspoons of cute with a dash of adorable!  Your infant will look like a jumbo tootsie roll because the costume covers them from head to toe to look just like the tasty treat.  Parent and child can coordinate to make the best group or family costume around.  You won’t be disappointed!


Try an awesome candy disguise on for size for a sugary rush of fun.  Our Tootsie Roll Halloween costumes will be an instant hit in any crowd!