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Cooking Up Fun with Pretend Play Kitchens

With shows like The Taste and anything on Food Network, cooking is more popular than ever.  Let your kid take part in the zeitgeist with one of our toy kitchens.  Click here to check out the coolest pretend play kitchen ever, because there’s definitely one that’s perfect for your kid.  No matter you or your kid’s style, there’s a toy kitchen out there for him or her.


KidKraft Retro Toy Kitchen

A toy retro kitchen offers real contemporary fun.

KidKraft Toy Kitchens happen to be extra adorable.  This pretend play toy will be instantly adored by your little one.  Plus, you have the option of making this a personalized toy, so it’s all the more special.  Imagine your kid’s name proudly displayed on a Red Vintage Toy Kitchen, click here to check that style out.  That particular style is good evidence that the kids kitchen can be a unisex toy.  Why can’t boys play with toy kitchens?  No reason!  Why should they?  Mario Batali, Bobby Flay, and Anthony Bourdain.  Plus, cooking is a good hobby to get into, just for a good quality of life.

Besides the KidKraft Toy Kitchens, there are plenty of other super fun and awesome looking ones.  This Maxim Toy Kitchen Center has all the necessary pretend play fun in a compact space.  You have the pretend microwave, the stove, the little sink, and the oven that’s perfect for all your kid’s imaginary food needs.

And when you add the toy kitchen accessories to any pretend play kitchen set, you really have the perfect recipe for fun.  Get your little one’s culinary life off on the right start with a toy kitchen!

Cook up an Adventure with a Toy Kitchen!

You ever wonder why kids play with their food?  It may not be the terrible twos or the tantrum threes.  Maybe they are showing their culinary creativity.  You could have a chef in the making right under your nose.  See if that hunch is right with a Toy Kitchen!


Educo has a new set of toy kitchens fresh off the stove!  Test your child’s cooking aptitude with a Gourmet Chef Kitchen in either green or white.  Your child can cook on the stove, bake in the oven, and wash the dishes in the sink.  If they just need a place to put the food, an Educo Kitchen and the Toy Refrigerator should do the job.  Educo kitchens are colorful and guaranteed to present hours of fun.  Set it up, and let your kids’ imagination run wild!


Little Colorado Kitchens offer a tradition home cooking feel!  “Traditional” and “old-fashioned” are the best words to describe these brown and white wooden kitchens.  Everything you would need for a full kitchen is at hand: refrigerator, microwave, laundry machine, pantry, and more!  KidKraft Kitchens offer a vibrant setup with all of the standard bells and whistles (or knobs and handles) you would find in a kitchen.  Treat your children to an immersive cooking fantasy!


Pretend play toys emotionally invest children into certain roles.  This provides an immersive level of entertainment.  Gift your kids with a toy kitchen and you won’t be disappointed!